Purple Blossom
Jade Courtesan of the Realm
Guild Director Adirali
Guild Director Adirali

Heroic Mortal

  • Jade Companion of the House of Sensuous Laughter
  • Registered Courtesan of House V'neef
  • Bond Companion of Guild Director Umokoyu Adirali
  • While the players may suspect Purple Blossom is just a persona made up by Nejimaru the truth is that Purple Blossom is an actual person
    • She really was, technically still is, the concubine of V’neef Aliset – the youngest Exalt of House V’neef.
      • While Aliset originally loved Purple Blossom deeply, as she matured she started to gain more attraction towards masculine qualities, soon Aliset outgrew her homosexuality entirely.
    • Using his identity as Guild Director Umokoyu Adirali, Nejimaru “borrowed” Purple Blossom cheaply from Aliset – a dozen talents of jade and promises of mutual assistance.
      • Now Nejimaru has a registered Companion at his beck and call – one who is still marked as Companion of House V’neef.
  • Bonded to the elusive Guild Director Adirali1, Purple Blossom nonetheless was given extreme freedom by her new master. What others do not know is that more often than not public appearance of this famous courtesan is actually Nejimaru in disguise.
  • Lady Purple Blossom does not know her “Adirali” is actually the "Dead" scion of House Mnemon – Nejimaru.
    • She knows of Nejimaru and his infamous reputation of excess while he was “alive,” she never met him personally.
      • She also does not know the man she is bond to is actually an Anathema. Should that day come to pass it would be a difficult choice for her.
        • Lady Purple Blossom is a faithful of the Realm's Immaculate Philosophies
          • She has the "Priest" Merit for the Immaculate Faith
        • She would still side with Nejimaru - but she will be torn.
  • She is still faithfully following Adrali's last command - To assume his identity so no one knows he is on a secret mission
    • Adrali disappeared without a trace and there has been no communications in the last 2 years.
    • Combined with the unusual step of having her hold his seal, Lady Purple Blossom have suspected the worst
    • Her fears were confirmed when the Anathema envoy of the Bull of the North confirmed that the 2 Solar associates of her master is also dead
    • She however has not given up hope, and many prayers and sacrified were laid to the Great Elemental Dragons for Adrali's safety.
    • She has not contemplated following her master to the reincarnation cycle, but she would once Adrali's death is confirmed


Motivation: Married with children
Birthday: 33/4/25 (This makes her 30, but continual use of anti-aging medicine makes her look like she is still barely 20
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Charisma 3, Manipulation 4, Appearance 4, Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 3
Willpower: 7
Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 2, Temperance 4, Valor: 2
Intimacies: Adirali+, Companion Oath+, House of Sensuous Laughter+, Madrassa Agency+, The Immaculate Philosophy+, Braggarts-
Known Merits: Born to Rule, Priestess: The Immaculate Faith
Known Flaws: Secret: Adirali sometimes assumes her identity (1)
Known Backgrounds: Backing: House V’neef (1), Connections (Dragon-Blooded): Finance (2), Connections (Dragon-Blooded): Government (1), Connections (Dragon-Blooded): High Society (3), Connections (Dragon-Blooded): Merchants (1), Reputation(Upper Society): Jade Companion (2), Resource: Director Andrali's Estate (52), Resource: Favors and Debts (5), Resource: Invested Wealth (4)
Notable Abilities: Archery (3), Athletics (3), Bureaucracy: Mercantile +2 (3), Dodge (2), Integrity (5), Investigation: Reconstruct Events +2 (3), Linguistics[Riverspeak, High Realm, Low Realm, Skytongue, Flametongue, Seatongue, Old Realm]: (Accents: Port Colin, Imperial City, Nexus) (4), Lore: Interesting Tales +2 (3), Martial Arts: Courtesan’s Fan +3 (2), Larceny: Cosmetics +3 (4), Melee: Blades +2 (1), Performance: Acting, Music, Storytelling (4), Resistance: Sensual Pleasures +3 (4), Ride (3), Socialize: Conversation +2 (4)

Notable Possessions

  • House of Sensuous Laughter (Resource 4 Purchase): Purple Blossom’s private home. It is where she entertains friends and guests when not residing in the household of her master. Located in the Sea Port City "Noble" on the Blessed Isle, its meticulous beauty is maintained by a staff of loyal servants in her prolonged absence.
  • Hearth Key (Artifact 1): A form of the Blessing of the Sun Artifact (Books of Sorcery, The Vol. 3 - Oadenol's Codex)
    • She won it in a game of cards with the Merchant Prince Duke Paoa Kahanamoku of Wavecrest
    • It requires no attunement. Wearing it reduces the Essence cost of everyday convience effect by 1, such as Essence-fed lamps or Dragon King Lifts, to a minimum of 0.
  • Courtesan's Subtle Steel (2 Dot Artifact): This is a form of Transformative Armor (Scroll of Fallen Races, Pg 26)
    • V'neef Aliset's had the matching outfit for herself and Lady Purple Blossom made. The outfit was worn by V'neef Aliset once and burnt because it didn't fit her coloring.
    • Lady Purple Blossom kept hers eventhough she cannot use the magical properties of it
    • She wore this extensively once she gained the Hearth Key (thought she still cannot attune to it, she can nonetheless change its appearance)
    • This became a stable in Director Adirali's disguise when he assumes Lady Purple Blossom's identity.
    • If Attuned: Soak +6L/+4B, Hardness 2L/2B, -0 Mobility, 0 Fatigue
    • In its basic form, it resembles a finely made tunic of synthetic silk.
    • For 1m, she can cause the fabric to shape itself to her will, expanding and contracting the weave, altering its color, texture and shape to fit her precise specifications.
    • It can become everything from a single glove or hat to an elaborate and multi-layered suit of elaborate courtly garb.
    • For 1m, the wearer can also spend one mote to cause the garment to almost instantly clean itself and repair any damage.
      • This transformation is exceptionally rapid, requiring only a miscellaneous action (5, -1 DV)
      • To either duplicate a garment she has seen before or design one of her own, the wearer must make a (Wits + Craft [Wood]) roll
        • failure indicating that the garment looks significantly different from the desired result (it does not necessarily mean it looks bad, just different than intended).
    • This artifact can duplicateany appearance it has ever held without requiring a roll
    • Artisans who wish to be able to protect themselves from attack even in situations where wearing armor is not appropriate (or who insist on looking stylish even on the field of battle) often wear a two-dot version of this artifact. Such armor always provides the listed bonus, regardless of its current form.
      • Without attunement she has to form it into appropriate form to gain the protection E.g. it won't grant any protection if it is just translucent stockings
  • Director Adirali's Seal
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