the Queen of Fangs, Domina of Malahanka, the City of a Thousand Golden Delights, Mistress of the Sixfold Spire of Sperimin


While Ma-Ha-Suchi is just homicidal, Raksi's level of insanity rises the bar to a whole new level

  • Essence 9, No Moon Caste Lunar Sorcerer
    • Someone whose danger level is on par with First and Forsaken Lion, though more limited in scope
  • Caste Attributes of: Perception, Intelligence, and Wit
  • Additional Favorite Attribute of: Appearance!!!
  • The one who invented the Moonsilver Tattoos that enables Lunars to avoid Chimara fate in the Wyld
    • Her first attempt to increase her sorcerous power is the Deep Wyld, when she realized it is not working out she made the Moonsilver Tattoos to stablize her form. Other lunars learned it and it became a life saver.
    • But by then her mind has already been altered by the infinity of deep wyld and her war form mutated as well.
  • Knows all known Celestial and Terrestrial Circle Spells
    • Thank the heavens she is not able to read the Salinan Working even though she is Salinan Sorcerer
    • Everything is connected to everything else. A Salinan master can apply Creation’s wholeness to arcane links. She can substitute one arcane link for any other to the same subject, no matter what a spell’s description says. (She could use a lock of a victim’s hair, for instance, rather than the required drop of his blood.) What’s more, with three different arcane links to a person or place, she can use them to target any spell.
      • She has improved upon this and can target anyone as long as she has 2 arcane links to that person
    • Understanding that herself is simultaneously hers alone and part of Creation’s own nonlocal consciousness, the Salinan master can use Emerald Countermagic against any unnatural mental influence, as long as it is backed by an Essence or Artifact rating no higher than half her own (round up). She can use Sapphire Counter Magic on Essence or Artifact Rating no higher than her own Essence. Adamant Counter Magic is considered a perfect defense against such an influence.
      • She have advanced this to the point that Emerald Counter Magic is enough to counter Unnatural Mental influence up to her Essence, and Sapphire Counter Magic is Perfect Defense
  • Has connection and leadership position in almost all the occult society in Creation
    • A thousand personnas in a thousand societies
    • She has founded many
    • Anything important happens in Occult circles she will eventually find out
  • All Lunars Sorcerer are required to tutor under her for a year and a day
    • The lucky few show no prodigal talent and are tutored by fellow students
    • The unlucky few are tutored by her personally - these almost never [want to] leave after their apprenticeship is over
  • Conducts countless experiment and created artifacts unnumbered in her attempt to master Circle of Adamant
  • The foremost artificer in Creation
    • Created many artifacts that simulates or surpasses the effect of Solar Circle Sorcery
    • Every experiment to endow natural ability for Sorcery beyond a being's normal Circle have failed
  • Will heap rewards that will be remembered for a thousand years upon anyone who brings her an Adamant Circle Sorcerer
  • She has already failed her Necromancy Trials - She simply cannot let go or recognize that the natural state of things is nothingness.
  • Rules the city of Malahanka, the City of a Thousand Golden Delights, where she rules with her Ape-men children
    • Most are enlightened and vast number are experimented upon - usually to their detriment but some are quite successful
    • Disporpotional number are Terrestrial Circle Sorcerers
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