Rhianna the Heavenly Spear
Solar, Night Caste - 40, Heavenly Spear (天槍)


  • Saving people in her Adopted Father's stead
    • Always does coup-de-grace attacks on living and/or sentient beings. Thus always attacks with -1 EV penalty.
  • Epithet: Heavenly Spear (天槍)
    • Dodge DV when using a Spear is 8
    • Parry DV when using a Spear is 7
    • Attack Dice Pool is: 15, 17 with her normal spear, 25 with Glorious Golden Saber's
      • Since Glorious Golden Saber weapon has infinite rate it means she can do some godly insane flurries with it. Such as 12 Attacks.
  • Has the permanent Charms "charm:solar:ride:worthymount" and "charm:solar:ride:singlespiritmethod."
    • The two charm together means she can use Reflexive and Supplementary Charms on loyal mount she is riding
  • Created the Charm charm:solar:ride:harmoniousunityofenlightenedessences": A permanent charm that modifies "charm:solar:ride:worthymount"
    • It extends the charm's range to a number of yards equal to her essence score, instead of "riding on".
      • This when applied in Mass Combat means she has more leeway on Charms use for her Mass Calvary Unit
    • It also raises the limit from Supplemental to "Any Charm and Combo." Though it is still governed by logical sense.
  • Has "charm:solar:melee:heavenlyguardiandefense" and "charm:solar:melee:protectionofcelestialbless": Combined with her Epithet means when using a spear the cost of Heavenly Guardian is reduced to 3 motes, and she can store up to her Melee Score (7) number of Heavenly Guardian Defense invocations.
  • Has "charm:solar:melee:glorious-solar-lance": A New Charm. Glorious Solar Saber only creates 1 handed weapons. Glorious Solar Lance creates 2-Handed Weapons. 2-H Weapons have speed 6 and Infinite Rate, Tags of 2, L, and R. Unlike normal 2-H weapons, the Glorious Solar Lance weapons require 2-handed to use regardless of the wielder's strength. It is a Essence manifestation of his aggression and has no weight anyways. It is in part empowered by the Solar's total focus on weapon use (no freehand). The Solar distributes 3x her melee score amongst accuracy, damage and defense. No single trait may have higher bonus than 2x her melee score. (She has 3x7 = 21 points)
    • Speed: 6
    • Accuracy: 10
    • Damage:8
    • Defense: 3
    • Rate: Infinite
    • Tag: 2, L, R
    • Attack Dice Pool is: Dex 5 + 7 Melee + 3 Spear Specialty + 10 Accuracy = 25 dice without any Charms. It means can do some godly insane flurries with it since it has Infinite Rate.
  • Normally uses a Perfect Spear forged for her adopted father by the Renowned Weapon Smith character:yurilowenthal of Linowan1, knows where he is currently. [[/footnote]].
    • This Spear was reforged when Balsa goes back for repairs after the rescue of Gladrien Vanja. It is now a talisman called "Karmic Reflection," made in the hopes that it will aid Balsa to bring forth peace to the world.
      • Once per session Karmic Reflection prevents one Botch in relation to itself
      • Karmic Reflection will not accidently kill people
        • As long as the wielder's intention was not to kill, e.g. pulling punches, the spear can only do enough damage to incapacitate the target (e.g. ignores any "mundane" botch result)
    • Rhianna refused to let Karal Fire-Orchid tinker with an item of such sentimental value, even though the latter has offered to "enhance" it repeatedly.
      • Fire Orchid and Rhianna are close friends
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
Normal Spear 5 +1 +4L/7L +2 2 2, L, R
Balsa's Spear 5 +2 +4L/7L +4 3 2, L, R
Karmic Reflection 5 +4 +5L/8L +4 3 2, L, R


  • Proud partner of a True Marukan Steed - Bela Firefoot, 87th Descendent of Hiparkes, Stallion-Lord of The Marukan Plains
    • Her steed is mother of Dagnir's True Marukai Steed - Artax
    • True Marukan Steeds are all Essence Enlightened
    • They have First and Third Excellency in Ride, Survival
    • Bela Firefoot is Essence 3
      • 1st and 3rd Excellency in Martial Arts
      • Essence Bite: In Battle and also against those who ride her against her will

Member of the Circle of Beauty

A Perfect Circle

Lunar Mates

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