Member of the Ltiamucuex Recon Team, Night Caste 08

  • Essence 2
    • First Excellency: Melee, Thrown
    • Second Excellency: Dodge, Thrown
    • Third Excellency: Athletics
  • Member of the very first batch of Solars
    • Being the first few in existence they are still trying to explore their new powers
    • Solar Charms are still being discovered/created
    • Initially the Eclipse Caste is the most powerful since they can immediately master Spirit Charms
  • Sent to assassinate Anatolian Admiral of the West after character:ilium:paris deplaced Hector as the War Master.
  • Bad luck made him miss the initial sneak attack and subsequent bad luck denied him the damage needed to kill Sarpedon
  • He fell to Sarpedon's Principle of Motion

Exaltation History


  • Prefers those who are Ambidextrous
Pre-primodial war: Ryol
     Failed to assassinate Sarpedon and was killed
-9000+, First Age
32/05/16 09:42 Faku Kun
     The first known Djalan1 Solar Exalt
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