Ryu Hayabusa

Chosen of Endings

Fated Ending
Fated Ending
The Reach of Fate
  • Essence 4 Sidereal Trouble Shooter

Notable Possessions

Fated Endings

Ryu Hayabusa's 5 Dot Reaver Daiklave

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Material Bonus Included 4 +5 +7L +1 3 Str •• 5 •• P

An ancient weapon that was forged during the preparation for the usurpation. It is crafted from the Starmetal of gods that perished in the throes of Solar depravity, folded with threads of time woven with a living destiny taken from the loom and tempered with the blessing of the Maiden of Endings. Its specific origin and design means it can only be used by a Chosen of Endings, and in this age Ryu Hayabusa is the one blessed to bear this holy writ of ending.

The weapon is considered a special weapon of fate - especially blessed to remove the cancer at the heart of Creation. Attack rolls and Damage Rolls made with the fated weapon against Solars are made at 1 lower in target number (6 as opposed to 7). This also means a Sidereal only need 1 WP and 3 motes to turn all dice into successes.

By spending 1 willpower the wielder can slash into thin air against a target in his direct line of sight and send the attack into the tapestry of fate. At some point within the next essence days, most likely when the target is unaware, the slash reemerges as the loom weaves it into existence. GM determines the moment of attack.

These slashes strikes outside of time and space and uses the dice pool of the original attack - including all modifiers. Such an attack cannot be enhanced by active charms. Aside from suffering the attacks the only way1 to avoid the attack is to escape into an location that is outside the purview of the Loom of Fate2 for its duration.

The blade can send a number of attack equal to the wielder's permanent essence score this way.

Reach of Fate

Ryu Hayabusa's 4 Dot Artifact Sash

Can be used in Combat as an free attack and functions as an incredible deadly Starmetal Dire Chain (does not incur Multiple Action or DV penalties)

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Min Attune Tags
Strike 5 +1 +10L +2 2 Str ••, Dex ••••, Mtr •••• 3 M, R
Clinch 6 +2 +8L - 1 Str ••, Dex ••••, Mtr •••• 3 C, M, P, R
  • Material Bonus is already included since only those naturally attuned to Starmetal can use this item

The Reach of Fate is an enormous prayer strips crafted of starmetal thread and weaved into a gigantic scarf that is so thin it can cut like a blade. The scarf's sutras are orichalcum and attunement costs 8 motes. In desperate times the Scarf's master can wrap the scarf around himself and fold into the strands of his past actions. He disappear in a burst of light and smoke, only to reappear at another [random] place he has visited before within (Permanent Essence Score) days that is within (1 + Absolute value of Current Wound Levels) miles. Incapacity or Death will extend this range to all of Creation + Yu Shan. This costs 5 motes and is an Misc Action, at the end of which he disappears. The scarf only teleports the owner and no one else, even if they are wrapped along with the wearer.

Due to it reliance on the wearer's affinity with fate, it can only be used by Sidereals, Maidens, and the Pattern Spiders.

The Scarf have 1 Hearthstone setting as clasp and adds 2 motes to the hearth stone's recovery rate

Cycling Typhoon

4 Dot character:typhoonwheel

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Thrown 4 +2 (+3) +12L/4 (+14L/4) 3 35 Str ••, Dex •••• 6 •• O, T

The typhoon wheel is an oversized shuriken, about a foot across. Since the wielder must throw a typhoon wheel, this weapon never carries a hearthstone setting. A typhoon wheel returns to an Exalted wielder if it misses. If the player succeeds on a second, reflexive (Dexterity + Thrown) roll at difficulty 2, it returns after a strike. Failure leaves the weapon stuck where it hit. Typhoon wheels typically occur in pairs.

  • This Typhoon wheel doe not come in a pair
  • This Typhoon wheel is HUGE, nearly 6 feet across. It is essentially a Flying Grimcleaver (Artifact Axe)
  • Once thrown it continues to circle through the air back and forth centered around the user
    • This means the thrower's hands are free
    • The weapon attacks with thought and thus halves multiple attack penalty and does not incur DV penalty for attacking
  • The weapon cannot be used to Parry since it cannot be used to block [without a stunt]

Starmetal Artifact Reinforced Breastplate

3 Dot Artifact Armor

Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
+10L/9B 8L/8B -1 1 ••• 4

Magical Material Bonus: Armor

The armor is unmistakably magical. Most of it glitters and gleams with the color of the magical material used to forge it, and the heavier armors typically have fins or long, flat spikes that protrude from the back and shoulders to prevent uncomfortable Essence buildup between the plates and the wearer’s skin.

Orichalcum: Orichalcum is the strongest and most durable of the magical armors. When worn by a Solar, add two to both the armor’s lethal and bashing soak, and add one to both the armor’s lethal and bashing Hardness.

Moonsilver: Moonsilver shifts its shape to move with the wearer, accommodating his every need. When worn by Lunar Exalted, moonsilver armors have no mobility penalty, no matter how heavy they are.

Jade: The Dragon-Blooded have the endurance of the earth and the tenacity of wood, and their armor acts to emphasize these qualities. When worn by a Terrestrial Exalted, jade-alloy armor has no fatigue value.

Starmetal: Starmetal armor offers incredibly auspicious protection. When worn by a Sidereal, starmetal armor adds one to both the armor’s lethal and bashing Hardness and reduces the attacker’s damage rolls by a -1 external penalty. This can reduce the damage of a blow to 0.

Soulsteel: Soulsteel armor is terrifying to see, forged from moaning souls that seem to swallow attacks. Disturbingly similar in strength to orichalcum, this armor likewise adds two to lethal and bashing soak and adds one to lethal and bashing Hardness.

Adamant: Adamant armor possessed of superior resistance to cutting attacks and being lightweight, adamant armor gains +3L soak and reduces the mobility penalty by one.

Hearthstone: Gem of Bones to Fire

Personal Celestial Fire Manse in Yu-Shan
Socketed on Reach of Fate

5 Dot Fire Manse

This palm-sized slab ranges from blue-purple at one end to green at the other, with a jagged layer of gold at the purple end is a jagged layer of gold. The bearer concentrates. If his player succeeds at a (Manipulation + Socialize) roll at a difficulty of the target’s Essence, the hearthstone’s bearer has managed to catch his target’s eye. The target’s player then attempts a Willpower roll at a difficulty of the number of successes the bearer’s player received. If the target fails, her bones ignite, inflicting two levels of unsoakable lethal damage every five ticks until death or until the bearer loses sight of her. If the target can escape the bearer’s line of sight, the burning stops, and she may heal as normal.

Hearthstone: Stone of Airwalking

Celestial Air Manse in Yu-Shan
Socketed in his Starmetal Hearthstone Bracer

4 Dot Air Manse

This spherical white stone looks like a tiny, solidified cloud. Whenever the bearer of this stone desires, she can walk upon the air instead of the ground. Although she still moves at her normal movement rate, the character can walk safely across water or quicksand by walking on a layer of air lying above the surface. In addition, the character can walk up or down the air as easily as others walk up or down a staircase. With sufficient climbing, the character can walk along miles above the ground. If the character trips or is knocked down, however, she can still fall to her death unless she can get her feet under her; her player must successfully roll (Dexterity + Athletics) at difficulty 3. Also, the stone only allows the character herself to move in this fashion. Any steed she rides must still travel along the ground.

Hearthstone: Cold Iron Bauble

Earth Manse on the Blessed Realm, Socketed in Fated Endings

2 Dot Earth Manse

These small spherical hearthstones of black iron are relatively common on the Blessed Isle, especially in Earth manses near the Imperial Mountain. However, they are most treasured in those portions of the Threshold that adjoin the Wyld. Any weapon fitted with a cold iron bauble inflicts aggravated damage to Fair Folk, just as if the weapon itself was made of cold iron. This hearthstone also inflicts a -1 external penalty on any Fair Folk powers used against its bearer.

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