Circle of the Bull, Zenith 47
  • Patron Solar of Addictio Signiferum
  • Age: 41 (Exalted at 24)
    • She is the oldest Solar alive, now that Filial Wisdom is dead
  • Nationality: Blackwater Mammoth Tribe (North)
  • Profession: Sorceroress of the Unconquered Sun
  • Motivation: Return Solars to their Rightful Place in the Hierachy of Creation
  • Essence: 5
  • Anima: The bust of a female warrior with Orichalcum super-heavy plate and 4 arms – similar to the Unconquered Sun. Her left 2 hands hold a grand daiklave made of sunlight trapped in snow. Her right hands hold a sealed book and a delicate pen made of lotus flower. The face of the bust is kind and motherly with a tender loving expression permanently fixed. But the eye of the bust is predatory and fierce.
  • Perfect Dodge
  • Has the Permanent Charm: Element-Resisting Prana
  • The woman who accepted Kaneko into her tribe after his battle with the Wyld Hunt. Together they managed to unite the Ice Walker Tribes and eventually defeated the Legions of House Tepet.
  • She is not Kaneko’s lover, instead more like the older sister of the circle.
  • Samea exemplifies of religious fanaticism
  • In the novel, "In Northern Twilight", Samea, unleashes a magma kraken in the forest to destroy their enemies, but the fires it generates are soon out of control and threaten to consume the entire forest.
  • In "Caste Book: Dawn", Samea uses the spell Cleansing Solar Flames to close a Shadowland. [She will eventually invent this spell, and be the first solar in the age of sorrow to successfully destroy a Shadowland with Sorcery]
  • She is a sorceress and has access to the Solar Circle of Sorcery, and is known to use the spells Cleansing Solar Flames, Magma Kraken, Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation, Summon the Army of the Wild and Second Circle Demon.
    • In my Series, Samea does not know Solar Circle Charm or possess any Solar Circle Spells. However, she will achieve it first should Kaneko not gain a counter against the threat Weapon of Mass Destruction. Otherwise, Arianna (barring any Player involvement) will be the First to achieve Adamant Circle Sorcery after the Twilight.]
    • She already made the Solar Circle sacrifice - She sacrificed Religious Doubt, making her completely fanatic
  • At the request of Kaneko, Samea gave War Captain some ground and allowed Aata to swear an eclipse oath "to not knowingly commit an evil act" instead of burning on the stake.
    • Aata however insisted that they both sware the same oath. Like an older sister who tries to feed her siblings bitter medicine, she swore to it for the sake of saving Aata's soul.
  • Her circle includes: Yurgen Kaneko: the Bull of the North, Raneth of Diamond Hearth, Nalla Bloodaxe from Whitewall, and Crimson Antler and Fear Eater of the Icewalker Tribes.
  • Samea will be the First Solar to reach the Sun-King Radiance Charm. Projected time will be in the aftermath of the Solar Conclave - at least with what I had in mind of how things will turn out.
    • Others look to the Lawgivers for strength against temptation. This Charm allows characters loyal to the Solar to replace their own Essence with the Solar’s Integrity score when calculating mental defense. It subtracts two dice (as a -2 internal penalty) from the dice pools of characters loyal to the Solar when they are actively attempting to betray that loyalty. This Charm has no effect on Abyssal Exalted or other Solar Exalted.
      • Loyal means roughly those who consider themselves "loyal" to Samea or have positive intimacies that is compatible with the idea of Loyal.
        • There is no quantifier of being absolutely Loyal, or Loyal only to. This means almost everyone under the Hiearchy of the Golden Custodian of North and East will be affected by this Charm
      • Those Loyal to Samea (gods, mortals, etc. anyone except Solar level Exalted) now have Essence of 5-8 depending on what they are resisting against. This also means all mortals now resist mental influence (at least in terms of MDV, as Enlightened Beings of Essence 5-8)
      • In a broader world sense those loyal to Samea are now exceptionally loyal (-2 dice pool to betray the loyalty)
      • Because Samea is a Religious Figure, this would catapult her into a significant level in the Hierachy of Unconquered Sun. In a short period she will rival Hastha-sth in fame and infulence - at least amongst the masses.
        • This does not mean there will be a power struggle. Samea is truly faithful to the Unconqured Sun, and she acknowledges the spirit purity and the Unconquered Sun's favor in regards to Hasthe-sth.
        • Hastha-sth is also Loyal to Solars, which means she too falls under the sway of this Charm.
      • The Charm does not mean the character is forced to act beyond their morality, it is not a mental infulence of any sort. It only protects them against mental infulences from others and instill loyalty in their hearts. They do not become zealous maniacs by default - it only makes it far more likely they will become it.
  • Celestial Circle Sorcerer
    • Terrestrial, Conjuring the Azure Chariot: Learned from Arianna
    • Terrestrial, Solar Wrath: same as Death of Obsidian Butterfly but with solid discs of golden light in the shape of sunbursts
    • Terrestrial, Emerald Banishment
    • Terrestrial, Emerald Counter Spell
    • Terrestrial, Infallible Messenger (6 Winged Armored Amazon with 4 Arms)
    • Terrestrial, Invulnerable Skin of Bronze
    • Terrestrial, Wood Dragon's Claw
    • Celestial, Dolorus Reflection
    • Celestial, God-Forged Champion of War: Awakens all least god in 50 yard radius and combine them into a Common Warstrider for one hour (20 Mote + 8 motes for Fire Lance and Shield Committment)
      • Soak: 20L/20B
      • Hardness: 10L/10B
      • Strength: 12
      • Mobility: -6 (-8 with Tower Shield)
      • Fatigue: -6 (-8 with Tower Shield)
      • Tower Shield: +1 Cover Bonus to DV vs Melee, +2 Cover Bonus to DV vs Range
      • Fire Lance: Speed 5, Acc +1, +8L/+14L, Def +2, Rate 2, Tag: 2, L, R
      • Fire Lance (Charged): Speed 5, Acc +1, +16L/22L, Rate 2, Tag: 2, L, R
      • Fire Lance (Streamer): Speed 4, Acc +1, 18L, Rate 2, Range 250, No Extended Range, use Archery
      • Fire Lance (Fan): Speed 5, Acc +3, 12L, Rate 1, Range 175, No Extended Range, can hit upto 3 targets with in 30 yard of each other, use Archery
    • Celestial, Sapphire Banishment
    • Celestial, Sapphire Counter Spell
  • Jade Hearthstone Bracer (Speed of all Hand to Hand and Range attacks lowered by 1, +3 to Dodge Dice Pool)
  • Light Footed Gem (Air 2 Hearthstone, Glacial Cavern of Soul Chilling Delight): The user's feet does not actually touches the ground. Leaves no foot prints, does not trigger pressure plates etc. The wearer does not walk on air, it only extends for not touching the ground. So will still drown or sink on liquids.

Member of the Circle of the Bull

The Circle that shattered the existing World Order

Yurgen Kaneko
Yurgen Kaneko
Nalla, the, Bloodaxe
Nalla, the, Bloodaxe
Fear Eater
Fear Eater
Crimson Antler
Crimson Antler

Lunar Mates

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Exaltation History

One of the six Solar Essences that were not trapped in the Jade Prison


  • Will not bind with someone who lacks faith
-9000+, First Age Amaterasu dis Gran Grees Eidas IV
     Last Proctor of the Solar Deliberative
     Last possessor of Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation
32/05/16 09:42 Samea
     Member of the Circle of the Bull

From "Exalted 1st Edition - Caste Book, Zenith"

Note: Most of these are incompatible with my game setting. Mainly because the way Bull of the North is Portrayed.

Samea of the Blackwater Mammoth Tribe is a powerful witch and the Zenith of a Circle that includes Yurgen Kaneko, the Bull of the North. She believes her Circle to be a family gifted to her by the Unconquered Sun as replacement for that stolen from her by impurities in the land. In fact, the sorceress took Yurgen and each of the others in as she found them wandering in the snow after their Exaltations. The first among equals, Samea is mother and sister to her Circlemates. Her first loyalty is to the Unconquered Sun, the second to the land, the third to her Circle, and the fourth to her tribe.

Samea is quick and decisive in her actions. Whether with Charm, spell or her bare hands, Samea will leap to the aid of any in need. And yet, her every action is carefully planned. Samea is acutely aware of how much power she can store and channel and will carefully hoard the Essence she needs for her assigned tasks. The sorceress will never be found without sufficient energy to power a critical spell but is also willing to completely exhaust herself to complete her perceived duties.

As a child, the tribe as a whole raised her. Her father had died several months before she was born from wounds inflicted by a Wyld beast, and her mother a few months after from a disease inflicted by an undead creature. She was a faithful child but bored by her lot as a gatherer. She took to wandering the snow-covered hills alone during her foraging trips as a way to expand her mind. It was on one of these explorations that she was Exalted. While following the path of a circling raptor, she was enveloped in a golden beam of sunlight. Visions of the First Age and of the land before the invasion of the Wyld and shadow enraptured her, and the words of the Sun filled her mind. Instructed by the Unconquered Sun to restore the land, she sought out the spirits of the animals and the snow to instruct her in the ways of magic. Following visions from her Exaltation, she dug up long forgotten libraries that lay buried beneath the snow to plunder them of their mystic knowledge. She returned to her tribe, where she was embraced as guardian but feared as witch.

Samea takes her role as the defender of the land very seriously. Alone and with members of her Circle at her side, the sorceress aggressively seeks out Shadowlands to purge them from the land, burning away the darkness from within. She continuously strives against the Wyld, scraping away at its edges to replace swirling chaos with grass and snow and sky. She has mastered a number of potent spells to aid her in these tasks and constantly seeks more mystic knowledge to enhance her effectiveness.

Samea carries no weapons, nor wear any armor. She dresses simply, in the way of her tribe. Her long black hair snaps in the wind, and she hikes her felt skirt above her knees when she runs. Her face is weathered by biting winds of her homeland, but her body demonstrates the quickness and suppleness of youth. She carries the supplies she needs for her magic, including clay-lined gourds, enchanted stones and various rare herbs.

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