Sergent Pollo
A True Roc from the Bordermarches, familiar to Jalith


  • Grab: +2 Acc, Rate 1, Piercing
    • Can grab 1 thing per claw without need for multi action penalties)
    • Grab inflicts lethal damage before control contest as the Talons bites into the target. This effect cannot be avoided.
  • Beak Bite: +0L Damage, +2 Acc, +0 Def, Rate 1, Piercing
  • Wind Buff: Simple (5/-2) Action that is an AOE knock down effect of an area equal to his Strength x10 yards across. Difficulty to resist knock down is difficult equal to his attack Roll (Strength + Athletics).
Physical (S/D/Stamina): 20/5/12
Mental (P/I/W/W): 5/3/3 (Willpower 6)
Health: -0(3), -1(12), -2(2), -4(1), I
Dodge DV: 2 (5 in flight)
Soak: 10L/17B (Wears Exceptional Articulate Barding +4L/5B, 0 Mobility, +2 Fatigue)

True Rocs are Creatures born of the Wyld. The Great Rocs Metagalapans are domesticated offspring of True Rocs. They are far smaller, averaging around 60 Feet wingspan, while a True Roc average around 100-150.

  • Rocs are all sentient animals
    • Sergent Pollo has an intelligence of 3 - smarter than most human adults.
  • True Rocs are Wyld Creatures and are Essence 2, thus roll as Exalted
  • Sergent Pollo is HUGE even by Roc Standards, a full 300 feet wingspan and strong enough to lift a Tyrant Lizard with its Claws.
    • In fact Tyrant Lizards are his favorite prey.
    • Can Lift 7000 Pounds or Tear down an Castle Wall (Str 20 + 5 Athletics)
  • His vision is immune to non-magical weather effects of Fog, Rain storms, and Clouds.
    • As a familiar Jalith can share this vision as per standard rules
  • Can soar on the Solar winds if he raises above the clouds at an impressive top speed of 80mph, and while doing so expends no energy
    • Treat as Tireless under those conditions
    • Recover and heal as if "sleeping"
  • Karal Fire-Orchid is tinkering with the idea of putting Essence Jets on Sergent Pollo's Harness frames
    • An idea Sergent Pollo adamantly refuses - he doesn't want to become a giant rosted turkey
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