God-Blooded Daughter of Livilia, Star of the Ravenshingly River of Unconquered Silken Maiden
  • Star of the Ravenshingly River of Unconquered Silken Maiden
  • Appearance 5
  • Essence 3
    • 43 Motes Essence Pool
  • Spirit Charms
    • First Excellency: Athletics, Performance, Resistance
    • Shapechange: Change Gender
    • Stoke the Flame: Lustful Passion
    • Spice of Custodial Delectation: Prostitional Exchange
    • Divine Prerogative: Never offer free service
    • Touch of Saturn: Impotence
  • Merit: Double Jointed (3): For three points, the character is a master contortionist capable of any number of remarkable (and often disturbing) feats of flexibility. The character gains a three-die bonus on all Dexterity, Athletics and/or Larceny rolls, and the difficulty of escaping from non-magical bonds decreases by two (to a minimum difficulty of 1). Also, anyone who attempts to grapple the character suffers a -1 external penalty. For Lunar Exalted, this improved version of the Merit costs only two points.
  • Merit: Carouser (2): The character gains a two-die bonus to all social rolls made to influence, charm or seduce others in the context of any party less sophisticated than a formal cotillion - whether in a raucous Northern bar, a Nexus orgy or the drunken initiation party for a newly Exalted Dragon-Blood. The character also gains a two-die bonus to all (Stamina + Resistance) rolls made for him to resist the effects of consuming too much alcohol or other recreational drugs at the party. At the Storyteller’s discretion, this two-die bonus may also apply to any rolls relevant to sexual performance in the context of the party.
  • Exotic Feature: Comehither (4): Selestine is smoldering hot with a constant air of avaliablity. No matter where she is or how she dress herself her overripen sexuality shines like a beacon. She gains 2 die bonus on all social rolls designed to seduce another person who is capable of becoming sexually attracted to her. Additionally, the limit on the maximum dice bonus that a character gains from having a higher Appearance than the target of her social attacks increases by one. If the target of the seduction has a higher Appearance, it reduces by one any penalty inflicted on the character with this Merit.
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