Selvaria Bles

The Blue Witch, Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave's No Moon Caste Lunar Mate


Age: 19 (Exalted at 15)
Nationality: Hundred Kingdoms, Darcsen Wanderers
Race: Lunar, Casteless (Not Moonsilver Tattooed)
Profession: General of Hohenzollern
Motivation: Protect Her Solar Mate at all Costs

  • Solar Mate: Dawn 36
  • Old Motivation: Protect the East from the Tyrannies of the Immaculate Order and the Silver Pact
  • Solar Mate: Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave, Prince of Hohenzollern, Dawn Caste #36, Reincarnation of Aofe, The Golden Blade – Greatest Commander of the Solars.
    • Eternal Vow with her Solar Mate
  • Previous Exaltation includes: Luminata Valkyrur
    • Selvaria Bles is the inheritor of the Spark of Luminata Valkyrur, the legendary wife of the Greatest Solar General of all Time. Her spark is especially important to the Silver Pact because she is the only Lunar that has access rights to the Sword of Creation, granted by the Solar Deliberative at the request of Aofe during the High First Age.
  • Spirit Shape: A Ruby Eyed Hawk of splendid beauty with pale blue feathers that trails soft sparks under the light of the moon.
  • Lunar Tell: Ruby Eyes and hair that trails soft sparks under the light of the moon.
  • She is nick named the "Blue Witch" but that is because of her ethreal appearance and not because she is sorceress
    • She does not have the interest or temperament to achieve sorcery
  • She does not possess Valkyria's Flame or Valkyria's Aegis
    • The items are thought to be loss when the Wyld reclaimed Valkyria
    • In truth the Sidereals saved the weapon and hidden it away in Elsewhere

Her Exaltation occurred when a troop of Wyld Hunt was systematically killing her caravan for no apparent reason. The Wyld Hunt was sent by the Immaculate Order (Sidreals) and the method is to deliberately push her Exaltation before the appointed time – for the Silver Pact has foresaw her exaltation in the stars and have sent envoy to recover her. The plan would have worked perfectly if not for the intervention of a royal hunting party.

Granted Exaltation by her incredibly need to protect her people, she was still unable to stop a True Wyld Hunt. She instinctively changed into her spirit form and tried to draw the Wyld hunt away from her people. But the Wyld Hunt was ready for this trick and gave ruthless chase with wings of fire. Exhausted and empty of Essence the young lunar was blasted out of the sky by a coordinated elemental blast. She fell to the earth into a raging river. When she awoke she was not in the hands of the Wyld Hunt but that of a young man. The young man was looking intently at her, with a jolt of pain she realized he was trying to set her broken wing. It is to the young man’s surprise when the lovely bird wavered into an equally beautiful young woman. Recognizing her as Anathema he drew his sword to strike her down but somehow he stayed his hand. He gave order to break camp immediately and finished his medical aid in silence. He left her enough supplies to reach the next town and provided her with a hand drawn map.

The Wyld hunt was not so lucky. They managed to recover her tracks but lost precious time tracking her down. As they descended upon her the Silver Pact reinforcements arrived. Devoid of their numerical advantage they quickly fell to the rage filled lunars, several of which had suffered similar treatment at the hands of the Wyld Hunt.

The saviors purposed for Selvaria to go with them to their Elder Raksi, Queen of Fangs. In the City of a Thousand Golden Delights Selvaria will receive safe haven and personal instruction from Queen Raksi as a fellow member of the No Moon Caste. Selvaria, however, had other priorities. She thanked them for their help and tried to leave to check on her caravan. When the Lunars tried to use physical coercion to make her comply she fought back tooth and nail. Wounded and still spent she was taken quickly. She was forcifully casted and while awaiting the Queen of Fangs from exiting her year long meditation she found her chance to Escape. A careless attendant allowed a Fly to enter her cage. She took its form and tried to track her caravan down. She found the caravan a few days away from their original ambush. Her family, friends, and her world were all dead, Imperial Soldiers extracted the price in blood for the death of the Dynasts. She swore vengeance on the Wyld Hunt and the Silver Pact and disappeared into the woods.

For the next 3 years she would be the terror of the region, hunting down every immaculate order preacher, destroying every immaculate order monastery, and wrecking havoc on both Immaculate Order and Silver Pact interests. Her destructive ways gave the Immaculate Order ample ammunition to show that Anathemas are truly the doom of the world.

One day she was awoken in her nest by a tuck at her heart, a deep and throbbing longing that pulsates with very heartbeat. It is as if there was always an emptiness there, one that she just discovered. This tugging is inevitably calling her to the north. Thinking it was Silver Pact sorcery she resisted. Over the course of next few days she would occasionally start to sing a song she never heard before and in a language she does not knew, yet the song would move her in deeply. As days gone by she became melancholy and depressed and tears will randomly form in her eyes as her heart throbbed and tore at her. Finally she decided to confront this sorcery and put an end to it if it was the last thing she ever does.

Following the calling of her heart she eventually arrived at a hunting camp, a vaguely familiar camp. It was laid out the same way as the camp of the youth who gave her the only kindness she can recall in the last few years, and there he is – the same youth taller and worn by life but no less beautiful. He was standing at the gate facing her direction deep in thought. character:auspiciousinsights' prophecy came true. These two eternal mates met at last, not as shadows of whom they truly are but embraced by destiny and elevated to the realm of gods. Aofe and Luminata Valkyrur has crossed the bonds of time and united once again.

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