Senoske Malcolm

Genuine believer of Mask of Winters, Religious Advisor to Unrepentant Soldier


Completing the triumvirate of councilors, Senoske Malcolm serves as religious advisor. Malcolm is a young man, gentle in demeanor, with long hair and pretty eyes. He dresses in simple robes and speaks with a soft voice, almost always smiling compassionately when he is not frowning in thought. When he was a youth, his family lived in squalid poverty, but with the coming of the Mask of Winters, his was among the families raised up to make a new aristocracy in the city. When he announced he would serve the Deathlord as a religious advisor in the Court of the Puppet King, his family rejoiced. So Malcolm has seen little wrong with the coming of the Deathlord. Indeed, he sees only the benefits that his coming has reaped.

In short, Senoske Malcolm buys into the Mask of Winters’ propaganda wholeheartedly.

The charismatic youth isn’t blind to the suffering of Thorns, but he believes much of it stems from irrational fear of the dead—fear he tries to assuage with carefully placed words and glowing testimonials. More troubling to the boy is the friction between the ancestral spirits of Thorns and the occupiers that serve the Mask of Winters, but he believes that careful negotiation between the two sides will help them understand one another better. His aura of serenity and his passionate words have sparked a following in the court, which the courtiers call the Sandal Faction for their penchant for walking the streets of Thorns to see events firsthand. Malcolm and his faction dream of a day when the ancestor spirits, the soldiers of the Mask of Winters and the living come to accept their situation and work together to create the utopia of which the Mask of Winters speaks so often. Unfortunately, the Silken Faction’s crass abuse of the city only worsens the situation, so Senoske Malcolm does what he can to limit the influence of Wisdom Whispered, but even his legendary patience is wearing thin at the Little Tyrant’s antics.

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