Seong Mi-Na

Choosen of Secrets

  • In a rare unification of Gold and Bronze faction she was tasked with the duty of heading off the ripples that will be caused by the reactivation of the deliberative. The Loom signaled the retrieval of the Amaterasu Missive as the most significant convergence point.

Notable Possessions


Seong Mi-Na's 3 Dot Wrackstaff

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Chisel End 4 +3 (+4) +4L (+7L) +2 3 Str ••, Mrt ••• 5 ••• 2, M, P, R
Blunt End 4 +3 (+4) +12B (+15B) +2 3 Str ••, Mrt ••• 5 2, M, R
  • The Staff is made of shimmering prismatic starmetal. When attuned Starmetal hand-to-hand weapons are weapons of fate, destined to strike the most lethal blows. Though Sidereal Exalts are not the most warlike of the Exalted, their baleful weapons are among the most feared. Starmetal weapons add +1 Accuracy and +3 Damage when properly attuned.
    • Bonus are listed in parentencies.
  • The Authority of Dreams is stored in elsewhere naturally and is called as reflexive action by the owner
  • When the staff strikes a living target it marks the target with silvery script at the point of impact. The runes last for one scene and while this link endures the wielder ignores the target's cover, concealment and (wielder's permanent Essence) points of Dodge DV.
    • This effect does not stack, but the character may affect multiple targets at once.
    • Keep in mind that Shield DV are cover bonuses

Starmetal Artifact Breastplate

1 Dot Artifact Armor

Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
+6L/4B 2L/2B -0 0 2
  • May be concealed under heavy jacket or cloak

Magical Material Bonus: Armor

The armor is unmistakably magical. Most of it glitters and gleams with the color of the magical material used to forge it, and the heavier armors typically have fins or long, flat spikes that protrude from the back and shoulders to prevent uncomfortable Essence buildup between the plates and the wearer’s skin.

Orichalcum: Orichalcum is the strongest and most durable of the magical armors. When worn by a Solar, add two to both the armor’s lethal and bashing soak, and add one to both the armor’s lethal and bashing Hardness.

Moonsilver: Moonsilver shifts its shape to move with the wearer, accommodating his every need. When worn by Lunar Exalted, moonsilver armors have no mobility penalty, no matter how heavy they are.

Jade: The Dragon-Blooded have the endurance of the earth and the tenacity of wood, and their armor acts to emphasize these qualities. When worn by a Terrestrial Exalted, jade-alloy armor has no fatigue value.

Starmetal: Starmetal armor offers incredibly auspicious protection. When worn by a Sidereal, starmetal armor adds one to both the armor’s lethal and bashing Hardness and reduces the attacker’s damage rolls by a -1 external penalty. This can reduce the damage of a blow to 0.

Soulsteel: Soulsteel armor is terrifying to see, forged from moaning souls that seem to swallow attacks. Disturbingly similar in strength to orichalcum, this armor likewise adds two to lethal and bashing soak and adds one to lethal and bashing Hardness.

Adamant: Adamant armor possessed of superior resistance to cutting attacks and being lightweight, adamant armor gains +3L soak and reduces the mobility penalty by one.

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