Seyed Amin Firouzeh

Essence 4 Water Aspect Dragon-Blooded Lieutenant of Samea


Seyed Amin Firouzeh originated from Gethamane and was sent as ambassador to the Bull of the North seeking to establish Gethamane's independence. What they did not depend on is the strength of the Bull's personality and vision. Seyed Amin Firouzeh was not the first hero to fall under the magnificence of the Golden Custodian of North and East nor will she be the last.

  • Water Aspect Dragon-Blooded
    • At the cost of five motes of Essence, the child of Daana’d suffuses her being with the power of Water. For the duration of a single day, the Exalt has complete water freedom. She can breathe water as easily as air and is incapable of drowning. She also suffers no environmental penalty for any actions she takes underwater, including such improbable actions as firing a bow or throwing a chakram. As a final bonus, the Exalt can walk across the surface of a body of water as easily as dry land.
    • Aspects of Water have a natural affi nity with the Abilities of Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts and Sail
    • Favored Ability: Lingustics, Occult, Performance
  • Essence 4

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