She Who Walks with Moonsilver, of Scarlet Eyes and Sun-Crowne Mane

Lunar Super-Maido


Mea-chan is a Dream-Eaten, mentally Sculpted by the Fair Folk Prince Taliesin into his enforcer and plaything. It was her unexpected betrayal that saved both herself and Nejimaru.

  • Motivation: Nejimaru, Nejimaru, Nejimaru (Everything else is eaten away by the Fair Folk Prince Taliesin)
  • Spirit Shapes: Said to be the most beautiful True Form amongst the Silver Pack. She who walks with Moonsilver, of Scarlet Eyes and Sun-crowned Mane’s true form is that of a Simhata with perfect coat of Moonsilver fur and a glorious mane of fiery vermillion that sways on the invisible winds of Essence. Her ruby eyes are fierce yet compassionate resembling more the temperance of then Unconquered Sun than Luna’s mercurial nature.
  • Lunar Tell: Mea-chan has soft light fuzz all over her body. Instead of being red like her normal hair, this fuzz is actually the color of silver and glows faintly under the moonlight. When turned into animals her tells manifest as scales, furs, feathers, ridges, etc. formed from faintly glowing moonsilver.1
  • Anima Banner: The anima of a Casteless Lunar is a chaotic swirl of purples, blues and silver. At lower levels, the anima is dull and muted, though greater Essence expenditures flare it to full color. Once their banners become iconic, the banner displays hazy or distorted images of their spirit shape.
    • Anima Effects: Full Moons may spend five motes of Essence to double their speed and leaping distances for a scene. The Full Moon also doubles her Strength for the purpose of feats of strength. This effect stacks with other increases, but only by adding a factor equal to the original value, not continuing to multiply by two. A Lunar who increases her running speed twice moves at three times her normal speed, not four. Whenever the Lunar has 11 or more motes of Peripheral Essence active, this Anima Effect activates automatically without cost.
  • Hearts Bloods: Coral Snake, Raccoon, Mouse, Tyrant Lizard, Yaddim, Swallow
  • Human Form: Strength 6, Dexterity 6 (+3 Defensive Actions), Stamina 6; Charisma 0, Manipulation 0, Appearance 4 (2); Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 4
  • Simhata Form: Strength 8, Dexterity 4 (+3 Defensive Actions), Stamina 6; Charisma 0, Manipulation 0, Appearance 5; Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 4
  • War form: Strength 10, Dexterity 8 (+3 Defensive Actions), Stamina 8; Charisma 0, Manipulation 0, Appearance 6 (4); Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 4
    • Armored Skin/Fur: the war form is a beautiful statuesque simhata-centaur that embodies both savage violence and graceful magnificence. She is a magnificent creature of sinuous muscles forming graceful lines and argument with lascivious curves. Instead of a human head, she has that of a Simhata/Lioness head with a full set of Crimson mane that can reaches all the way to the ground. The mane flare and sweep organically like quicksilver on the winds of Essence and glows with faint vermillion aura. Her coat is of moonsilver and her human torso is covered with exquisite articulated plates of rune etched bone, forming a natural armor that is +5B/5L to soak.
    • Gliders: Pair of giant silver feathered swallow-like wings sprouts from the shoulder of the Simhata body and when opened these extends a full 40 feet. The character can clumsily take to the air and has little ability to maneuver. She flies at (Stamina x3) yards per action in level flight. Gaining altitude reduces speed to (Stamina) yards per action, while diving allows for speeds up to (Stamina x10) yards per action. In order to dive, the character’s player must make a successful (Dexterity + Athletics) roll, difficulty is (the number of actions of the dive +1).
    • Claws of the Silver Moon: Normally in this form she activates the Claws of the Silvermoon. Turning her Hooves into Solid Moonsilver with Razor sharp edges, and wicked blade of incredible sharpness up to 3 foot long extend outwardly from her forearm plates. Her lion teeth are now of Moonsilver and every breath she takes is a fine mist of silvery glitter. This costs a 3m Commitment in Warform or 5m in other forms, character’s hand to hand attacks are modified as follows: Speed +0, Accuracy +Dex (8+3), Dmg +(Str+2) (12)L/(Essence +1)(7) Overwhelm, Defense +0.
  • Virtues: N/A, Treat as Automaton for most cases. Treat as 6 for purpose of Limit Breaks
    • Limit Break (Temperance): The Curse of the Humble Sloth: The character becomes unconcerned with anything except for the bare essentials. He cares about nothing except eating and sleeping. The Humble Sloth cares not for the concerns of the rest of the world, for the true necessities of his daily life are all that matter. He will not take the slightest chance except to avoid a direct threat to his life. He will not study or work, or fight except in self-defense.
    • Partial Control: The character may be convinced that a brief chore is necessary to ensure his future needs are met. In addition, he may act to meet the immediate needs of his children or mate, provided they are essential to life.
    • Duration: One full day
    • Limit Break Condition: Lunar Exalted gain points of Limit in three fashions. As with Solars, any time the Lunar chooses to suppress her primary Virtue (the one associated with her Limit Flaw), she gains a point of Limit. Suppressing other Virtues does not add to the Exalt’s Limit. In addition, any time a Child of the Moon resists an unnatural mental influence, she receives one point of Limit, up to once per scene. Finally, whenever the Lunar is first struck by the light of the full moon on a particular night, her player must roll a number of dice equal to her primary Virtue. Each success on this roll adds one point of Limit to her total, and rolling a 10 counts as two successes as usual. The Lunar can suffer this effect only once per full moon night and only if she is touched by the moon’s light. When a character’s Limit reaches 10, she suffers Limit Break and immediately reduces her Limit to 0. For the duration of one scene, the character’s behavior is ruled by her Virtue Flaw. She acts as it dictates and can only hope that the episode passes quickly. Mea-chan automatically incurs 6 Points of Limit when faced with situations requiring her to roll virtues for Limit.
  • Notable Abilities: Athletics 5, Awareness 4, Craft[Water] 3 (Cooking +3), Dodge 5=8, Melee 3, Martial Arts 6, Resistance 4, Stealth 4 (Wilderness +2), Survival 6 (Eastern Jungle +2)
  • Backgrounds: Tattoo Artifact: Breastplate (1), Tattoo Artifact: Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers (1), Tattoo Artifact: Ghost Cestuses (2)
  • Health Levels: 0 (1), -1 (4), -2 (18), -4(1), Incap.
  • Dodge DV: 10 (11)
  • Willpower: Special
  • Essence: 6
  • Essence Pool: 26, 64 (6 Committed)


  • Second (Ability) Excellency: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
  • Flawless (Attribute) Focus: Dexterity
  • Knack: Humble Mouse Shape
  • Knack: Tower Beast Form
  • Knack: Deadly Beast Transformation
  • Knack: Devastating Ogre Enhancement
  • Knack: Emperor Ox Expansions
  • Claws of the Silver Moon (Gift): Silver Claws
  • Bruise-Relief Method (Gift): Cure Bash Damage
  • Halting the Scarlet Flow (Gift): Cure Lethal Damage
  • Relentless Fury (1m, 1wp) Duration Essence x2 Actions, adds one automatic success to all combat actions, no wound penalties till larger than -1, completely ignores fatigue for the duration, cap for physical Attribute Excellencies increases to (Attribute + Essence).
  • Impressions of Strength: Birth of Flight, Add (Str) to the difficulty of any knockdown or knockback checks caused by the attack (Fury Ok +2m)
  • Burrowing Devil Strike (Fury Ok +2m) character’s hand-to-hand attacks become piercing for the duration
  • Golden Tiger Stance (Fury Ok +2m) eliminates up to (Dexterity /2) points of penalties to Dodge and Parry Defense Values at all times
  • Consumptive Worm Hunters: Ignore Armor
  • Weary Swallow Technique: Stops Surprise Attack
  • Ox-Body: 2 -1 Levels
  • Ox-Body: 4 -2 Levels
  • Ox-Body: 4 -2 levels
  • Ox-Body: 4 -2 levels
  • Ox-Body: 4 -2 levels
  • Hide-Toughening Essence: Each mote spent (Essence max) +2 Bash and Lethal Soak
  • Frenzied Bear Fortification: Reduce all wounds by -1 level every time she is hurt. Affects aggravated damage.
  • Wound-Mastering Body Evolution: Immunity to one specific type of damage for a scene.

Other Notes

  • Lack of Emotions: Without Emotions left except her Intimacy with Nejimaru Mea-chan can only use her Rage/Fury Charms and her War form when acting for that Intimacy. Similarly she has no ability to channel virtues or to use Willpower for successes.
  • Ghost Cestuses: It may be worn and used by anyone without attunement. Whoever wears it can see and, in a way, touch immaterial creatures. A successful attack on an immaterial creature passes through it with meager resistance but devastates the victim’s will. The player rolls (Strength + extra successes - target’s highest Virtue). Each success drains a point of temporary Willpower from the target. This weapon is often found in the possession of the Immaculate Order, used to rob gods of their will and banish them or force penance upon them. Against physical targets, the weapon is simply a cestus.

Notable Possessions

Mea-chan's Super-Heavy Moon-Faced Mail2

Mundane Super-Heavy Plates are massively reinforced articulated plate that is in all ways superior. The plates are heavier, the pins and hinges that permit the armor’s articulation are thicker and more durable, and the joints are large and sturdy enough that, in many cases, chain reinforcement can be dispensed with altogether. Superheavy plate is seen very occasionally in sieges but, most often, adorns the bodies of Exalted warriors, whose magic allows them to bear the massive burden of this armor as easily as a normal mortal endures the burden of lesser armor.

Moon-Faced Mail armors are specially designed armor that allows them to shift alongside the Lunars without being made of Moonsilver. Unlike artifact armors however, these are still mundane and does not provide any of the artifact bonuses their superior counterparts do.

Designed by Nejimaru and forged with the help of Atelier-Manse the armor took advantage of the vastly superior material available to the Central Hearth. The use of White Jade-steel greatly improved the armor’s resilience. Keeping the thickness of the plating the same the armor now offers significantly higher grade of protection. To allow for maximum mobility the joints are all made with Moonsilver. The mercurial nature of the sacred metal not only simplified design, it also makes the armor incredibly mobile. However, even with all these improvements the armor is still ponderous and heavy, but it is hoped by Nejimaru that the armor would be enough to save Mea-chan’s life against whatever dangers the Senate Chamber of the Solar Deliberative may hold.

The armor is subsequently recovered from the Manse. It is actually the main reason why Nejimaru bought the structure.

Note: The superior material and design makes the armor an exceptionally made Moon-Face Mail. The armor is +1 to Mobility, and +1 to Soak. To reflect its custom design nature, the armor is -1 to Fatigue for Mea-chan and no one else.

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Tags
Mea-Chan’s SH Moon-Face Plate +13L/13B - -3 2 Resource 5

Vitality Stone

5 Dot Wood Manse

This Hearthstone is a leaf-green stone with blood vessel like striations. Its bearer will never starve, die of thirst, or suffer ill effects from poison and diseases. She will feel discomfort and even intense pain from these things, but she will suffer no other effects than mild discomfort. Even the most potent and magical poison and diseases, such as the Great Contagion or drinking the corrosive blood of the elemental dragon of fire, will be neutralized in one scene, lesser versions are neutralized instantly. Prolonged hunger and thirst will last as long as they are not sated. During these periods the bearer will suffer a -1 die internal penalty to all actions representing the distraction of intense discomfort and pain.

  • Manse: Coatlicue Stone, South Eastern Bordermarches
  • This Hearthstone is socketed on to Mea-chan’s Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracer
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