Stalwart Ivory Shark of the Blind Underworld
Day Caste, Chief Advisor to the Harborheadian Queen
  • Going by the name "Stalwart Ivory" in Harborhead
  • To the Death Cultists Elite Members he is "Shark of the Blind Underworld"
    • Busy with the corruption of Harborhead, he has handed over the control of the Cult to his ally character:redfamine
  • Joined Azula as her chief advisor
    • Joined Azula roughly about 4 month after the Circle’s departure from the South on the Underworld Rescue
  • He is the intermediary between Azula and Eye and Seven Despair
    • Azula knows she is dealing with a Deathlord and his Servant
      • He only lead Azula to believe so because it is convenient. His true master is none other than The First and Forsaken Lion.
      • She believes she can use the Deathlord to her advantage - betting on the power of Ahlat and her Golden Husband.
  • He is one of the masterminds behind the prolification of the Death Cult in the Deep South
  • Currently residing in Yane at Azula's Palace
  • Azula left him behind to hold the fort when she went to Chiaroscuro to meet her husband
    • With Azula in Rathess to seek military aid, Stalwart Ivory is in total control
    • He appoints just the kind of competent commanders whose extreme actions will inflame the war further.
    • At the same time he makes sure the resources shortages caused by the war limits harborheadian forces enoug to allow Delzhan Horde has free reign over the outlying regions
    • This combination has caused both sides to escalate in their atrocities and ensured that no peace will be reached.
  • Essence 4
  • Favorite Skills: Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Larceny, Stealth, Presence, Performance, Investigation, Occult, and Social

Notable Charms

  • Flickering Wisp Technique: Perfect Dodge
  • Owl Pounce on the Mouse:
  • Treasured Heirloom Betrayal (varies + 1wp, One Scene, Simple (5))1

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

  • Calling the Stalwart Servitor
  • Corrupted Words
  • Emerald Circle Countermagic
  • The Horse that Travel Earth and Water

Shadowland Circle Necromancy

  • Blessed Dead Fools
  • Blood Mirror Speech
  • Bone Puppet Dance
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