the Wan Stravrophore,

Motivation: To unite the scattered tribes of the dune people.
Urge: To turn the South into a Theocracy under her command and devoted to the true masters of Creation, the Yozis.

  • She is currently the only Infernal Exalted in existence, the other 4 cannon character will be granted their boon soon
  • She is currently on good terms with Stalwart Ivory Shark of the Blind Underworld
    • While she never met the person her tribe have a working relationship with the Death Cults of the South.
    • The Death Cult supplies them with resources that she need to unify her people, in return for scouting and occasional raiding on the cult's behalf
    • She does not abide her people worshipping an inferior deity but find the aid the Death Cult Organization grants advantageous
  • Her loose alliance of Dune people tribes are the ones who was asked to kill the Delzhan Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad
  • Her people killed all the escorts and captured the Emira alive
  • Instead of killing her right away, Sulumor decided to sacrifice her to Cecelyne by casting her off the cliffs during a grand sandstorm.
  • Unfortunately before a Grand Sandstorm hit Emira Hadassah was rescued by an unknown person

Items of Note

Barrier Sands

barrier sands she carries within the hourglass at her throat

1 Dot Malfean Artifact

A pouch of these enchanted silver grains hisses like the wind over the dunes. When poured in a line along the ground, the earth shudders and erupts in a wall of pitted gray glass. The wall is six inches thick, three yards high and may extend up to 10 yards in length. It is as strong as stone (12L/18B soak, 40 damaged/80 destroyed health levels).

If the wall rises directly under someone or something, such as when cast in the path of a pursuer or between the bars of a wrought-iron gate, it can wreak serious harm. Treat this as an unblockable attack using (Wits + Martial Arts) with a base damage of 16B/4.

Infernal Prayer Strips

Infernal hospitality prayer strip she bears that’s dedicated to the Demon Prince Orabilis

Infernal Hospitality Prayer Strip (Artifact ••; Any): The fires surrounding the prayer strip burn a hole in the air, revealing a portal to the Demon Prince’s abode. Creatures and objects may pass through this gateway freely1. One minute after it opens or when the strip’s invoker passes through it—whichever comes first—the portal collapses upon itself and vanishes with a clap of thunder. Those who pass through the portal receive the Demon Prince’s hospitality. They may remain within its domain without fear of harm for one day, so long as they uphold whatever laws apply there.

From The Scroll of Exalted, Page 140

This land will soon be ours, my children. Praise Cecelyne!

As one of the dune people, Sulumor was raised in one the harshest environments in Creation, the desert wasteland near Gem in the Far South. The elders of her tribe taught the girl the ways of her people: how to avoid the burning rays of the sun, the art of the ambush and the many uses of the human animal. At 12 years of age, she killed her first man, devouring his heart in the way of the moon folk and carving her own breathing tube from his thighbone. Her parents were rightly proud, and it was intimated by the tribe’s shaman that she would one day join him in his duties.

When she came of age, however, and was presented to the desert wind spirits for confirmation, those spirits rejected her. The head of their court, a great air dragon named Jugo, claimed to sense a dark veil over her destiny and ordered her banished from his sight. Sulumor pleaded elegantly in her defense, using all she had learned from her shaman master to cajole the mighty spirit, but her defiance of his edict only served to infuriate the dragon. He ordered her forcibly removed from the court. The malicious djinn who bore her away carried her far into the rocky depths of the desert before dropping her as an unconscious heap and whirling home. She awoke when the first rays of the sun struck her pale, vulnerable skin.

Light seared Sulumor’s flesh as she clawed in vain at the rocky ground with bloody hands, seeking to escape the sun’s terrible brilliance. At first, Sulumor thought to pray for mercy from the Unconquered Sun, but as the pain intensified and her flesh blackened, the failed shaman cursed the god instead and the whole hierarchy of spirits that had led her to this terrible fate. As she did so, a cooling shade fell upon her, painting her in the rainbow colors of stained glass. A voice offered to save Sulumor, to soothe her ravaged flesh and make her the priestess she’d trained so hard to become. If she meant the curses she’d uttered and would see the gods fall, all she had to do was accept the gift she was being offered. Dying and in agony, the young dune person readily agreed, then promptly passed out.

Sulumor awakened five nights later within a polychromatic husk in the vague shape of a wasp. Breaking free of the chrysalis grotesque, she instinctively summoned a peghedu steed through sorcery and sped off across the wastes to her tribe. To the dune people, her return from the rocky desert depths in better health than when she left seemed nothing less than a miracle. And the Malefactor had no reason to dispute this view. It was a miracle. There were greater forces in the wastes, she explained to her tribesmen, than the petty wind spirits they placated, forces more powerful than the goddess Luna herself. Sulumor promised the dune people a rise to greatness if they but followed her masters as well. Many were swayed by her honeyed words, but most of the elders of the tribe, including the shaman who’d mentored her, refused to follow her. These all died screaming in a swarm of obsidian wasps.

Sulumor now leads her tribe, and she hopes eventually to control all of the dune people of the South and to lead them to conquer the entire direction. It’s only fitting, after all, that she regain her title as Queen of the South with her army composed of the very slaves her former incarnation designed.

Sulumor is a beautiful albino woman who carries herself with the regal bearing of a monarch but garbs herself in the accoutrements of a lowly stavrophore. The only colors on her pale form are her iridescent eyes. Those eyes and her breathtaking beauty are the only marks left by the agata with whom she merged.

Motivation: Unite the scattered tribes of the dune people.
Urge: To rule the South in the Yozis’ name (Cecelynian)
Caste: Malefactor2
Anima Banner: A dust devil of swirling green light and silver sands
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3; Charisma 3, Manipulation 4, Appearance 4; Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3
Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 2
Abilities: Awareness 1, Integrity 2, Larceny 1, Linguistics (Native: Old Realm (dune people dialect); Others: Flametongue) 1, Lore 3 (Demons +2), Martial Arts 1, Melee 1, Occult 3, Performance 3, Presence 3, Resistance 2, Socialize 2, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Backgrounds: Artifact 1, Artifact 2, Backing 1, Cult 2, Followers 3, Influence 1, Past Life 4, Resources 2
Merits & Flaws: Sun-Seared (6-pt. Flaw)
Excellencies: Cecelyne (1st—x3)
Cecelyne: Holy Land Infliction, Locust Mana Plague, Sand-Slip Trick, Sands Through Fingers Defense, Sandstrike Blast, Sorcerous Enlightenment of Cecelyne, Transcendent Desert Creature
Emerald Circle: Death of Obsidian Wasps, Slave-Spawn Summons
Soak: 2L/3B
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Dodge DV: 3 Willpower: 6
Essence: 3
Personal Essence: 15 Peripheral Essence: 36
Committed Essence: 0
Other Notes: Like all Green Sun Princes, Sulumor possesses the Backing of her Yozi patron, Influence over that Yozi’s spawn and a Cult that recognizes the Exalt’s affiliation with the Yozi and venerates her for it. Her Artifact ratings refer to the barrier sands she carries within the hourglass at her throat and the infernal hospitality prayer strip she bears that’s dedicated to the Demon Prince Orabilis. The Malefactor’s Followers are made up of the dune people of her tribe. Her Past Life is that of Eternal Crimson Sunset, the very Solar who bred and enslaved the people of the dunes in the First Age.

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