The Dashing Diplomat, Eclipse 45


We can rise above the legacy of the First Age. We must.

Motivation: To bind Creation into a peaceful, cohesive whole through treaties, alliances and pacts
Intimacies: Tyranny-, [Love Arianna]+, Killing-, Family+, Cooperation+, Violence-, Coral Archipelago+, Rathess+, [Lilith](Inactive)
Attributes: Strength 3 (5), Dexterity 4 (6), Stamina 3 (5); Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4; Perception 2, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Willpower: 8
Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2
Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint
Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 4 (Making Deals +2), Dodge 4+2 (Thrown Attacks +2), Integrity 5, Investigation 3, Linguistics (Native: Seatongue; Others: High Realm, Low Realm, Riverspeak, Treaty +2) 3, Lore 3, Martial Arts 5+2 (Multiple Opponents +3, Unarmed), Occult 3 (Fairfolk +2, Terrestrial Court), Performance 4, Presence 2, Resistance 1, Ride 1, Sail 2, Socialize (Seduction, Identify Vices) 4+2, Survival 1, Thrown 1
Essence: 5

  • Fights barehanded and with only Martial Arts
    • Master of the Snake Style, and is beginning to pick up Mantis Style
    • Have the Charm that let him ignore Armor Soak
    • Snake Form (5m, Simple (Speed 3, DV -1))
      • adds the character’s Martial Arts score to his bashing soak
      • If an enemy attacks him, and the enemy can see the character’s hypnotic motions, this Charm subtracts the Exalt’s Essence in dice from the attacker’s attack pool.
    • Mantis Form (6m, Simple (Speed 3))
      • adds her Martial Arts score to her Join Battle dice pool
      • adds her Martial Arts score to her bashing and lethal soak
      • may parry lethal attacks without stunt
      • Does not suffer onslaught penalties to her DV
      • Unarmed Martial Arts attacks also infl ict lethal damage.
  • Have Perfect Dodge and the scene long no penalty to dodge DV charm
  • Have a Perfect Quality Horse as gift from Rhianna
  • Is an actual diplomat of the Coral Archipelago with patents and seals to prove it
    • Have his own caraval flying the Dipolmatic Flag of the Coral Archipelago
  • Have had the Permanent Attunemnt to Desus' Bracers the moment he Exalted. Without which both him and Arianna would have perished to the Full Wyld Hunt
    • a constant -3 External Penalty against all incoming attacks, even ones he is not aware of
    • He can impossibly block attacks that normally could not be blocked (Unblockable Attacks, not Surprised Attacks)
    • Not adversely affected by Malfean weather, as they are impossibly turned away from him at the last minute.
    • Bonus Specialties and thus does not count towards the 3 Specialty Max per Skill limitation. But being a Specialty, no more than 3 can be applied to any given roll.
      • +1 Social: Seduction
      • +1 Social: Identify Vices
      • +1 Martial Arts: Unarmed
    • Add 2 dot to his Martial Arts, Dodge, and Social
    • Adds 2 dot to his Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina
    • The bracers also secretly enforce a Inviolate Positive Intimacy towards Bright Shattered Ice (and thus Arianna)
      • Though it is an academic discussion whether he loved Arianna of his own violation or if the bracer did the work
      • Treat as Subtle Servitude Effect in that Swan will always love Arianna
  • Wherever he goes traps have already been set for his demise (by Lilith, who will never risk coming into contact with him)
  • Has the sorcerous tattoo that allows communication with Arianna. It also has an one time use of teleportation to Arianna, or vice versa

Exaltation History

Lunar Mate: Lilith
Solar Bond 5


  • Will not Exalt anyone with Manipulation, Charisma, and Appearance of less than 4
  • Will not Exalt anyone with Martial Arts less than 3
  • Exalted Solar will have Martial Arts and Presence as Favorite Skills
-9000+, First Age character:desus
     Owner of the Legendary Artifact: Desus' Bracers
     Lunar Mate is Lilith
32/05/16 09:42 Swan
     Circle of Friends
     Failed his sorcery trial - could not sacrifice Arianna for Emerald Circle
     Spent most of his time tracking down Arianna and bail her out of trouble
     Romantically entangled with Arianna
     Lunar Mate is Lilith

From Scroll of Exalts, Pg 38

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