The Ancient of the South


One of the leaderes of the Winding Path faction of the Silver Pact
He is responsible for the 400 years experiment that is Chiaroscuro

  • Essence 8, Changing Moon Lunar
  • Lunar Tell: A mane that crests on the head and flow down the back
  • Caste Attributes are: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance
    • Additional Attribute of Perception
  • An party animal during the First Age, the usurpation deeply changed him. He is now one of the foremost shaper of society in Creation.
  • He seeded the Delzhan People about a thousand year ago, then guided their development and eventually formed the perfect balance between civilization with their codes and laws and savagery survival (with the ever requirement for fitness and survival).
  • He does not see the destruction of the City Delzhan as a bad thing, Delzhan is not just a city - it is about the society. Stasis means death and this test is an incredibly valuable data point about the true resilience of the Society he founded.
    • The Principles of Thousand Stream River is to forge a thriving society that is not based off Exalted Power so that should the Exalt's powers ebb and wane society will not suffer catastrophic failures like the first 2 ages.
    • He would remove Ahmed Latif if he sees the young solar being the sole driving force behind the Delzhan survival
  • He has no sympathies to the returning Solars, his sole occupation is on the Thousand Stream River projects.
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