Tri-Khan Ahasuerus
The Tri-Khan of the Delzhan People

The Tri-Khan rules both [[Chiaroscuro]] and the Delzahn Horde, the largest city and nation-state in the South, respectively. Despite his age and status as a ‘mere’ mortal, he is a clever and shrewd politician who has managed to play off the interests of the [[Guild]] and the Scarlet Dynasty, largely preserving Chiaroscuro’s independence from both.

The Tri-Khan is no slouch to combat either, having fought in several wars and conflicts, with a successful history of raiding in his youth. However, due to his age, he has begun to send in other generals at the head of his armies and raiding parties. There is some preception that he will soon name an heir and abdicate because of this, retiring to roam the desert wastes that he once did in his youth. The Tri-Khan, however, has given no indication that this will be the case.

“I carry 23 great wounds, all got in battle. 75 men have I killed with my own hands in battle. I scatter, I burn my enemy’s tents. I take away the flocks and herds. The Chelaxians pay me a golden treasure yet I am poor, because I am a river to my people. Is that service?”

– Yejouj Khan, at the Battle of Four Creeks, where the Delzahn Horde slaughtered the enemy Raballah tribes to the man

  • Father via his Third Wife, Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad
    • Of his 4 Sons and 3 daughters, Emira Hadassah is the only survivor
    • The others were old enough to join the army and was all killed in battle with the Brides of Arhlat
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