Day Caste Abyssal of character:maskofwinters, Night 11


Mask of Winter's Ambassador to the River Council

  • Essence 5, Day Caste
  • Exceptionally talented in Social-Fu
  • Appearance 5, Charisma 4, Manipulation 5
  • Instrumental in the establishment of the peace treaty between Scavenger Lands and Thorns
  • Being an actual diplomat of the Embassy of Thorns, he enjoys Diplomatic Immunity in the Scavenger Lands

Exaltation History

Abyssal (Day Caste), Monstrance Held by the Mask of Winter


-9000+, First Age
Third Age Typhon
     Thorns' Native
     Accepted the Black Exaltation and his position in the hopes of bettering the lives of the survivors
     Mask of Winter's Ambassador to the River Council
     Was not in the Underworld when Gladrien Vanja was rescued and thus avoided Death
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