Uzumaki Naruto

Essence 5 Full Moon Lunar


Lunar Tell: Whiskers

  • Wyld Mutant
    • Gold Hair (Gold not just Blond)
    • Heals incredibly fast even by Lunar Standards (2x as fast)
      • double the health levels regenerated by supernatural effects
      • Normal Healing takes half as long
      • Recover Fatigue twice as fast
  • Exalted in the village of Konaha in the Boarder Marches of the South
    • Village was attacked by Fair Folk Forgerers
    • Was unable to save his village but chased them into the middle marches
      • Rescued by Silver Pact soon after
    • Suspected to have chimera traits
  • Trained by Silver Pact from the territory of Gem
  • Does not have War Form yet
  • Spirit form is the 九尾の妖狐 (9 Tail Fox)
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