Verdant Forest Shadow
Essence Aware Sa-Tree Leopard, familiar to Jalith
Physical (S/D/Stamina): 9/6/8
Mental (P/I/W/W): 7/3/3 (Willpower 6)
Health: -0(2), -1(9), -2(5), -4 (2), I
Attack: Bite (+1L, +1 Acc, Rate 1)
Claw (+0L, +1 Acc, +1 Def, Rate 2)
Dodge DV: 4 (5 in Forest and Jungles)
Soak: 3L/7B (no natural armor)
  • The Armor is a gift from Dragon Kings
  • Sa beasts are sentient animals
  • Verdant Forest Shadow was already a large Tree-leopard with additional training by Jalith he is now double the size of normal Lepoards - about 5 foot tall at the shoulders, 12 foot long without the tail included. Most trees can't support him anymore. Only ancient forests of the East can he live as he is meant to.
  • Verdant Forest Shadow is Jalith's childhood friend who turned into Familiar when she exalted. He is well learned and is a scholarly. Often tempers Jalith's fiery nature with his cool temperance.
  • Dislikes Violence, and tries to avoid it at all costs
  • Vegan
  • Power Awarding Prana Reciepient (by Jalith), making him Essence 2 with 15 motes of Essence

Solar Charms

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