Second Tier Linowan Solar, Eclipse 56


Rava said, "You have perchance already sensed something of the incessant intrigue compounding alliances and agreements of mutual protection between the border nations, Lawgiver. Such things, while regrettable, are necessary. The Saphii do not trust the Akrynnai. The Akrynnai do not trust the Awl nor the D’rhasilhani. And the Bolkando trust none of them. Foreign armies, we have all long since learned, cannot be held to the same high comportment as one holds one’s own forces." He spread his hands. "Conquestor Avalt was simply expressing our unexpected pleasure in finding in you such unimpeachable honour."

"Ah," said Bidu-ya, with all the percipient wit of a cliff goat.

Avalt was struggling to master his anger, and Tanakalian knew that the Lawgiver — for all his seemingly oblivious insensitivity — was well taking note of this interesting flaw in the commander overseeing Bolkando Kingdom’s combined military might. A commander with a temper and, evidently, poor discipline in mastering it — particularly in front of strangers and potential enemies — was one who would squander his soldiers to answer some insult, real or imagined. He was, therefore, both more dangerous and less threatening, the former for the risk of his doing the unexpected, the precipitous; and the latter for what would likely be a blunt, unsubtle execution, fuelled by an overwhelming need for satisfaction.

Exaltation History


-9000+, First Age      
Undecided Victorio
     2nd Tier Solar who was a Linowan Noble
     Legatus Legionis (Legate/Primarch) of the Addictio Signiferum
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