Wisdom Whispered

A powerful mortal thaumaturge skilled in the Art of Necromancy


Leader of the Silken Faction

Next to the Unrepentant Soldier, the court swirls around Wisdom Whispered, a powerful mortal thaumaturge skilled in the Art of Necromancy. Sometimes called “the Little Tyrant,” he is neither admired nor feared, but tolerated for his apparent popularity with the Deathlord and for the benefits he can gain his friends. Wisdom Whispered is remarkably short and very conscious of this fact, and those who are wise to his temper sit when he approaches to offer the illusion that he is taller than they are. He wears expensive clothing of the most recent fashion, but his unruly, thick brown hair refuses to remain in the braid he tries to tie it in, and scowl-wrinkles have formed at the edges of his eyes and lips.

Once called Kuntao, he worked as an advisor to the former Autocrat but grew discontent with perceived slights while his lust for the queen knew no bounds. Tempted by the whisperings of the dead, he struck a deal with the Mask of Winters, sabotaging his own kingdom wherever he could with subtle curses, venomous advice and seditious acts. When the Mask of Winters conquered the city, he rewarded the traitor with prestige and power, making him the “chief advisor” to both the Unrepentant Soldier and the Autocrat himself. Now calling himself Wisdom Whispered, the thaumaturge viciously wields his influence to indulge his long-repressed desires and petty revenges.

Those who cluster near him, the so-called Silken Faction, subscribe to Wisdom Whispered’s bleak ideology: “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die.” Wealthy merchants and greedy bureaucrats whisper praise into the hungry ears of the Little Tyrant, and he offers them decadence in return for mild favors. Those who betray him find themselves assaulted with blackmail and savage bureaucratic manipulations, so most who find their way into his service remain there. Together, they slowly drain Thorns of its wealth, beautiful youths and finer foods, but the members of Silken Faction don’t care for the rest of the community as long as their appetites are sated.

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