Yoruichi Shihōin

Essence 5 Lunar of An-Teng, 瞬神 (The God of Flash)

  • Epithet: 瞬神
  • 5 Dot Solar Bond to the Eclipse 59 Spark
    • Aata's untimely passing spared the world another tragedy
  • Merit: True Love (Captain Kisuke Urahara)
  • Master of the Lunar Hero Style: Shunkō, or Kami Kazi
    • Celestial Martial Arts that invokes Air and Lightening
    • Taketonbo (竹蜻蛉, "Bamboo Dragonfly"): A hakuda technique involving a simple yet effective throw that suddenly and violently flips an opponent upside down.
    • Raiōken (雷王拳, "Thunder King Fist"): A hakuda technique involving a series of ultra-high-speed punches delivered using both arms. When performing this technique while wearing Anti-Hierro Armor, Yoruichi was able to severely crack Aizen's first form, as well as destroy the surrounding portion of Karakura Town in the process.
    • Utsusemi (空蝉; Cicada, referencing their molting): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihou. It allows for a movement at great speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. Byakuya Kuchiki states that she taught it to him. (Perfect Dodge)
    • Shunkō (瞬閧, Flash Cry): An advanced technique that combines hand-to-hand combat with Kidō. She fights by surrounding her back and arms with pressurized Kidō. The keisen uniform has no back or sleeves since they will rip apart when it is activated. The technique can allow her to instantly neutralize an opponent's movement, apart from enhancing their arms and legs for battle. The Kidō itself can also be controlled and fired at opponents from her body, and can be used to create massive explosions. Yoruichi's version of the technique was developed and studied by her a century ago. Therefore, the technique is complete. Unlike Suì-Fēng's version, the compressed Kidō is visible. (Form Charm)
    • Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon): This technique is an ability Yoruichi uses during Shunkō, which nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting it with a Kidō of perfectly opposite speed and energy. The ability can even neutralize an opponent's movements. (Perfect Parry)
  • Was the Leader of the Onmitsukidō (隠密機動) before her Exaltation
    • Secret Police/Spy Network of An-Teng
  • A princess of An-Teng
    • Betrothed to the Captain of the Royal Academians, Kisuke Urahara
    • She exalted on her wedding day
  • She was recovered by the Lunars of An-Teng for her caste fixing
    • They would not have been able to catch her, but Kisuke Urahara convinced her that this is the best for her. Together they left An-Teng.
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