Yuenü the Matchless

Quick Short Summary


Deadliest combatant, amongst the younglings1, of the Silver Pact

  • Spirit Shape: Wolverine
  • Lunar Tell: Tip of nose is wolverine nose tip
  • Originally from the Scavenger Lands
  • She exalted and was rescued from the Wyld hunt by Kalevala of Tuonela who became her Sensei
  • Epithet: First Sword of the Silver Pact
    • Lu Lu is not known to the Silver Pact or this Epithet will probably go to her
  • Lunar Knack: The Silver Back
    • Unique Permanent Lunar Knack
    • Adds 1 dot to all attribute bonus of Deadly Beastmen Transformation
    • Double all regeneration/healing effects while under Deadly Beastmen Transformation
    • She suffers double damage from aggravated sources
      • Double post soak aggravated damage dice count
  • Master of the Celestial Martial Art "Swaying Mercurial Breeze"
    • A Style that focuses on putting the opponent off balance and taking advantage of it
    • Uses Martial Arts for Attack/Defense
      • Style allow the use of swords, clubs, staves and spears.
    • Cannot Wear Armor
  • Kalevala joked with her that she would never master the style with her clumsy right arm. She severed her own arm without hesitation.
    • When she visited Malahanka with her Sensei Raksi was so disquited at her missing arm that she used Moonsilver Tattoos to forge Yuenü a replacement.
      • Summons the preserved arm of τλήναι
        • Warden Soul of "Krios, the Ever Marching Cacophony of Change" which later became the neverborn "Gorool"
      • The arm is not physically attached to Yuenü's stump and floats by itself and can change size reflexively.
        • It can be anywhere between the size of her human arm to its original size (τλήναι when he existed was well over 40' tall)
      • The arm have a strength of 20 regardless of its size
      • The arm is nigh-indestructible and can be used to parry attacks that are unblockable
        • This doesn't mean it is a perfect parry, it just allow the wielder's Martial Arts Parry DV to be used
      • The arm ignores opposing mass combat unit's Magnitude bonus
  • Legendary Attribute (Dexterity)
  • Prodigy (Martial Arts)
  • Martial Arts Specialty: +3 Single Combat
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