Yushev Agrias Oaks

The Chocobo Knight, Dawn Caste #10


Yushev Exalted about 2 year after the First 2nd Tier Solar and about 9 month after Fall of Lapis. The youngest tomboy daughter of a well to do land owner near the Linowan frontier. her father is fairly popular with the locals being a generous and caring landlord. The winds of War in the east did not spare them however, and her father was pressed into military service as required by the Realm treaties.

Her father never returned from the War. With her sister more eager to divide her father's holding than to find out if he survived the war, Yushev decided to go find news of their father on her own. It was not long before she was attacked by deserters turned bandit. Fairly quick on her feet and decent with small blade she was still not a match for trained soldiers. Forced to abandon her horse and her pack she ran into the forest to escape. It was at this moment the Exaltation Spark binded with her soul.

Unfortunately she did not Exalt as a true Solar - she is a weakened semi-complete bonding - a Third Tier. Denied the instinctive knowledge of Solar powers and lacking the inherited memories of the spark, she did not gain any of the supernatural abilities or newly realized mastery that are the stable of Tier 1 and 2s.

At that moment the Exaltation has become more liability than gift. All she has became is the same tomboy with the same skills and physical capacity but who is now unable to hide. Her anima of a giant, gold beak, silver tip winged, Falcon made from a thousand strands of glowing essence made hiding impossible. But she would have been fine if she did not make the mistake of running away.

Expecting a slow death the deserters also ran but when they realize pursuit was not forthcoming the daring ones went back. They rode her down and captured her with sheer numbers. If not for her supernatural toughness she would have died from being dragged behind a horse all the way to the bandit camp high above a raging river.

Fortunately fate did not intend her to die. While the Gold Faction was only able to detect her Exaltation after the fact and her thread is already wanning, they were still able to send a prayer to the river and mountain god and traded her rescue for celestial favor. The mountain god stole her in the middle of the night and placed her in the care of the river to carry to her final destination. Unfortunately the River God was weak and could not carry her all the way. She was deposited on the edge of the river god's domain and told to go north east to the City of [Blah] where her true rescuers would meet her. The River God overestimated the young solar's abilities and did not realize Yushev would end up going the wrong direction.

When Yushev finally realized she was lost, she decided graititude would have to wait as finding her father was of the utmost importance. The strange events of the last 2 days is a but a by line in the quest to locate her father. She wander the East for 5 month going from one army camp to another with no success. Broke and penniless she ended up joining a mercenary band to feed herself and made a name as the Chocobo Knight. The band ended up travelling to Fallen Lapis seeking a contract with the Bull and there she was recognized for what she was by the Fire Elementals bound to protect Fallen Lapis.

Dace was immediately asked by the Bull to help a fellow sister to locate her father, and he was more than happy to aid her. The sincere bond of brotherhood these great lords display showed a sharp contrast to her heartless sisters and it touched Yushev deeply.

With the resource of the Golden Custodian of North and East and Dace's expertise in all things Military she soon located traces of her father. Her father was executed for insubordination by his Dragon-Blooded commander for refusing to execute Haltan prisoners of war. She cried and cursed then when the anger passed she swore an oath to the heavens that she will become a Champion of the Oppressed and got on her knees to beg Dace to help her to achieve that goal. Unable to refuse such a righteous request, Dace threw her in with the Bull's Officer Corp program - which the Legendary Warrior Training Curriculum has already started.

  • She considers herself a member of Dace's Mercenary Family and considers Dace a father figure
  • Yushev gets along with Jalith of Haltan fabulously, both are animal lovers.
    • Their familiars get along as well
    • Much to both their dismay Karal Fire-Orchid of Lookshy has set her mind on making War Admiral Land Skis
  • First of the Tier 3 to Exalt, Exalted as Essence 2
    • Being Third Tier she has no innate memory of Exaltation to work with
      • She has to undergo "quest" to learn Perfect Charms - Similar to how Supernatural Martial Arts work
      • She knows nothing of how to use Charms
      • She starts with no Charms
      • She does not know about attunemt
      • She does not possess instinctive use of Essence
        • E.g. cannot channel motes in any way
      • She feels no innate1 kinship to the Unconquered Sun or other Solars
  • She is Legendary Warrior Trained to the same level as the Bull's new officer corp by Dace
    • 8,000 of the Bull's finest
    • 8 month Training Course, Graduation Date set at 65/03/25. (32 Dots)
    • Strength, Dexterity, Stamina at 5
    • Melee, Archery, War, Integrity, and Resistance at 5
    • Thrown and Integrity at 4
    • +1 Automatic Success to Rallying Troops
  • She had brief lessons in Spear and Riding from Rhianna the Heavenly Spear of Marukan Alliance
    • She learned the Ride Charm: "Worthy Mount" from Rhianna, allowing her to use Reflexive Charms on her Mount
  • She has completed her service at Fallen Lapis and has earned the Lapis Memorial Badge
  • She is wearing Dace's old Orichalcum Reinforced Light Breastplate
    • +9L/8B (+11L/10B), 7L/7B (8L/8B) Hardness, Mobility 0, Fatigue 0
    • The Bull have given Dace the "Kin Tamenuri Gusoku," heirloom super-heavy plate of the Tepet Legion. Striped off the Commander in Chief of the East, character:tepetryuji after Renath captured him alive. Tepet Ryuji was allowed to return to the Realm unmolested, but the armor is kept by the Bull as Spoils of War.
    • He then presented the armor to Dace as a thank you gift for Dace's constant fidelity.
  • She has a familiar that looks like a Giant Chicken crossed with ostrich, she named him War Admiral
    • War Admiral is a Yellow Chocobo - a rare Wyld Creature that has long been thought to be extinct
      • 5 Dot Familiar + 1 Dot Ally
      • Incredibly fast flightless bird
        • Move per tick is around (15, ~30mph)
        • Dash per tick is around (36, ~73mph)
      • Tireless Mount
      • Leaves no Tracks while travelling through wilderness
      • Can run across all semi-solid and solid surface without difficulty (no water, but sand, gravel, etc. are all fine)
      • Surefooted: Movement botches are considered simple failures
      • Hates confined spaces such as cities and caves
    • She encountered the giant egg on her travels and it hatched when she was trying to boil it for dinner
    • The young chick imprinted on Yushev and she felt bad eating such a cute thing
    • She grew to love the animal, but soon it was larger than she is.
    • War Admiral is now as tall as a War horse and twice as fast

Exaltation History


  • Prefers individuals with strong Will who will not shriek at hardship to do the right thing
-9000+, First Age      
64/04/24 09:14 Yushev Agrias Oaks
     First of the Third Tier Solar to Exalt
     She met Dace when she is wandering in the East
     Dace has since become her Mentor
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