Allied In Hate Discernment

Cost: 1m
Min: War 5, Essence 4
Type: Reflexive
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Mirror (General of the All-Seeing Sun; Exalted, p. 197)
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Glorious Carnage Typhoon

Any who fight in common hate may serve the cause of Oblivion whether they intend to or not, and the generals of the Neverborn know the location and condition of such forces. Unlike its Solar Mirror, this Charm does not sense mass combat units based on loyalty, but rather detects those who take the field in common enmity, either in shared hatred of a specific foe or in a broader crusade of violence. This automatically includes all creatures of Death. An Abyssal who has Whispers 3 can also sense units made of any creatures of darkness, as the judgment of the Unconquered Sun unites them all in shared hatred of the light.

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