Arise And Slaughter

Quick Short Summary

Cost: 10m, 1ahl
Min: War 3, Essence 3
Type: Simple (Speed 5 in long ticks)
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Mirror (Fury Inciting Presence; Exalted, p. 197), Obvious
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: Morale Shattering Method

The Abyssal speaks to the corpses around her with calm and unquestionable authority, commanding them to awaken and make war upon the living. This Charm rips out a fragment of the Abyssal’s own life force as part of its cost, distributing this animating energy among the nearest corpses within a radius of (War x 100) yards. These bodies claw their way out of the earth to form an unordered unit of zombie extras under the Abyssal’s command, like a unit provided by purchasing an Abyssal Command with a rating equal to the Exalt’s Essence (maximum of Abyssal Command 5, see pp. 97-98). If the Abyssal abandons this unit for more than 15 long ticks or the Charm ends, the zombies collectively sigh and collapse back to lifelessness.

Abyssals may instead use this Charm as an Avatar (3) effect to summon an equivalent Abyssal Command of hungry ghost extras from the Labyrinth instead of raising zombies. These shades have Whispers 1 and cannot appear during the day. They automatically fade back to their lightless warrens just before dawn to avoid destruction. They similarly vanish if abandoned or the Charm ends.

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