Army Enslaving Slaughter

A Charm to quickly replenish troops or create an army from defeated enemies

Cost: 15m, 1wp
Min: War 5, Essence 6
Type: Reflexive
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Avatar (3), Obvious, Servitude, Spectral, War
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: All-Consuming Encirclement, Omnipresent Overlord Technique

Mysterious winded whispers of unintelligent chants flows through the battlefield sending chill through the spines of the bravest soldiers. There is no doubt that something unholy is occurring on this battlefield and the wise will flee. Those who are brave enough to overcome their wiser base instincts will have to content with an Abyssal War Master who as breached the limitation of (un/im)mortality and achieved Essence 6.

This charm breaks and shatters the will of mortals via the horrors of war1. Any magnitude loss (be it from fear save or combat damage) can be rallied by the Abyssal and her allies for they are too fearful to resist the harbinger of death. Due to this unnatural mental influence (Servitude) effect all opposition suffers a external penalty equal to Abyssal's Essence to all actions to control their troops (such as formation change, preventing route, coordinated attacks, etc.)

The true horror of this charm is that anyone killed during battle is tainted by the foul infection of Oblivion and will gleefully join the battle on the commander's next action; Either as a War Ghost or Hungry Ghost, already materialized and ready for slaughter. The magic of the charm imbue these newly formed soldiers with the cursed knowledge that Neverborns grants to all who are willing to listen. This effectively grants these troops equivalent to a number of weeks of Hardened Killer Training Style (count as Mortals) equal to the Abyssal's Whisper Rating. Also if they do not already have the Whisper background, they now have it at 1 Dot. The loyalty enforced by the Neverborns' instruction means they are automatically loyal to the causes of Oblivion and can be quickly incorporated by any of oblivion's powerful servants - such as Abyssals, Deathlords, Nephwracks, etc.

GM would be the arbiter of how many are killed in any combat situation. Though most of the Abyssal War Charms make this quite easy - because they kill everyone.

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