Blood On the Wind

Cost: 4m, 1wp;
Mins: Perception 3, Essence 3;
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Any Perception Excellency

Once a true predator catches a scent, she never lets it go. This Charm supplements a roll to track someone1. Once the character has her quarry’s scent, she cannot fail to track that target as long as the Charm remains active. Across hard stone, white-water rapids and through the most overpowering opium dens or raging firestorms, the Lunar does not lose the trail. She automatically gains one success more than the person she tracks in a tracking contest; this does not necessarily imply the ability to catch up.

When competing with opposing Charms, add (Essence) successes to the contested roll to determine which wins out2. If the Lunar has tasted her quarry’s blood, the Lunar retains a benefit even if the rest of this Charm fails: Even when the Lunar is unable to close distance with her prey due to enemy Charms, the quarry also never accumulates enough successes in the tracking contest to lose her.

  • The character can follow a trail and then go off and goof off for a year and the come back to the same spot (as long as the Charm is commmited) he can continue right where he left off.
  • The trail however must be somewhat "continuous" in the sense that the pursuer can follow it
    • Such as the person did not enter the Wyld where distance and travel is non-linear in space and/or time.
    • It will not work if the person skipped the spaces in between - such as Travel without Distance spell. Effects that actually travels the distance are still trackable. Things such as Mountain Leaping, Turning into Flock of Birds, etc. are all still valid targets
    • Since Immaterial Beings are not valid targets for tracking for those who cannot perceive them, a query that turns immaterial also breaks the charm. Unless the pursuer has means to make them into valid targets
  • This charm is a Tracking Supplemental Charm
    • It means the Charm is not a "I know where he is" Charm, it allows the person to sucessfully pursuit. It does not grant any knowledge of where the person currently is. It only allows the user to follow the trail.
    • The most important thing is the character need to be able to MAKE an actual tracking roll. As long as he is allowed to make a tracking roll, he cannot fail. The charm in no way guarantee him the ability to always make a tracking roll.
      • If target gets in a invisible rocket that leaves no visible trails and flies to outer space then re-enters the atmosphere on the other side of Creation, the Charm would not work. Since it only guarentees non-failure on rolls to track the target. Unless the person has the means to follow the invisible rocket by sound/sight alone and follow it into outer space then down back to the surface through re-entry. Without that ability it means he cannot even get to make a roll - which means the charm would not work.
    • It also means unless there is an tracking roll, the charm does nothing additional. E.g. just walking around Throns making Stealth Rolls will not give you Gladrien Vanja's trail. You have to be actually making a tracking rolls.
      • The GM should keep this charm in mind for storytelling considerations though.
  • Charm is not trail specific.
    • Once the character committed the essence he becomes infallible on any roll of tracking that involves that person. Should the trail be lost based on the above criteria, he will still be infallible once he comes across the same scent - even if it is a completely different trail. (Such as the case of Travel without Distance, or the Rocking Re-entry)
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