Excellency: Divinely Inspired (Ability) Mastery

Canon Name is: Supreme Perfection of (Ability). I dislike it for throwing word Perfection around on a charm that doesn't do anything perfectly.

Cost: None (Permanent Charm)
Min: (Ability) 5, Essence 5
Type: Permanent
Keyword: Mirror
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: (Ability) Essence Flow

This Charm permanently alters the cost of the Solar Excellencies associated with the Ability this Charm is purchased for. The First Excellency’s cost becomes "one mote per two dice added," while the Second Excellency’s cost becomes "one mote per success added" and the Third Excellency’s cost drops to a flat three motes. Fractional values are lost; for example, a Solar with Dexterity 4, Melee 5 who spent five motes on the First or Second Excellency would add nine dice or four successes, respectively.

This discount only applies when the Excellency in question is channeled through the appropriate (Ability) Essence Flow. Divinely Inspired (Ability) Mastery is incompatible with any other Charm which provides cost discounts to the Excellencies, such as Infinite (Ability) Mastery1.

New Abyssal Charm: This Charm’s Abyssal Mirror is identical to its Solar counterpart in all regards.

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