Excellency: Divine Transcendence of (Ability)

Reworked Version of the Charm in Dream of First Age (Revised)

Cost: None (Permanent Charm)
Min: (Ability) 5, Essence 5;
Type: Permanent
Keyword: Native, Mirror (Apocalyptic Evolution of [Ability])
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Any (Ability) Excellency

All limitations in existence shrink in the face of Solar determination. That which is impossible becomes merely difficult; that which is indestructible crumbles; that which cannot be slain lies dead upon the earth. When a Solar crashes against the boundaries of her own power, that limit also falters.

This Charm allows the Solar to increase the corresponding ability to 1 dot higher than his Essence limits him to. Essence 5 Solar with Divine Transcendence of (Archery) can increase his Archery Ability to 6 instead of the normal 5. If he has Prodigy Merit in Archery that means he can increase it to 7.

This is just a raise in the Ability Cap, it does not grant a free dot in the ability. For obvious reasons there is no need to buy this Charm more than once for the same Ability, since it is not stackable.

This Charm does not allow the Solar to increase his Ability beyond 10 however. If he hits that cap then then charm doesn't do anything. It is the price of having higher dice pool and to be able to meet charm requisites earlier.

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