Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit

Cost: 10m
Min: Survival 3, Essence 1
Type: Reflexive
Keyword: Combo-Ok
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisites: None

The wilderness cannot subdue the heroes of the dawn. This Charm negates any environmental external penalties to Survival rolls made for the Solar. This means that the coldest glacier and the hottest desert are no more deadly for the Solar than the gentlest rolling plain. She can find food and water easily, she ignores inclement weather even when lightly dressed, and she does not suffer undue blisters, bug bites or plant poison even walking barefoot through the Far East. This Charm does not protect against environmental damage, however, so if the environment is deadly enough to force regular Resistance rolls, the Solar needs Element-Resisting Prana to endure it.

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