Monkey Leap Technique

Faster and Enhanced Jump

Cost: 3m
Min: Athletics 1, Essence 2
Type: Reflexive
Keyword: Combo-Ok
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: None

The heroes of the dawn leap with the grace of a flying crane and the speed of a striking hawk. For the rest of the scene, the character can jump with a movement action instead of a miscellaneous action, and she doubles the length of all jumps.

  • This means the character can combine Jump with other actions, since it is now a (0/None) Action
  • It also means the character now travel via Jump faster than she can move
    • Move is Dexterity in Yards per Tick
    • Jump is Strength + Athletics in Yards up, and 2x that in Horizontal movement = which is now doubled and becomes (0/None) action
    • In the example of Verdant Forest Shadow Str 9, Dex 6, Athletics 4. Let say Jaguars get no movement modifiers that means he travels at around 12.2mph. He normally jumps at 13x2=26 yards every 5 seconds or around 10.6mph. With this Charm active he now travels at 26 * 2 yards every second or 106mph. It might not be the Charm's intention but it is what it is - thought it is only for a scene.
      • Yes this means Verdant Forest Shadow can travel via Leaping 170 feet in 1 second
      • We'll cross that bridge when the situation comes up that makes this charm ridiculous
  • As per house rule, unless specifically noted, all multipliers are additive and not multiplicative. So if another charm or effect also doubles jump distance it is now only Tripled and not Quadrupled.
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