Omnipresent Overlord Technique

Cost: 10m, 1wp
Min: War 5, Essence 5
Type: Simple (Speed 6 in long ticks)
Keyword: Combo-OK, Obvious, Servitude, War
Duration: One scene
Prerequisites: Hive-Mind Horror Tactics, Allied In Hate Discernment

Where heroes fight gloriously at the forefront of battle, pragmatic generals command their champions and forces safely from the rear. The most terrible Abyssal warlords achieve both. Upon activating this Charm, the Exalt must select a Magnitude 3+ unit composed of creatures of darkness within (Essence x 10) miles that he previously sensed in the scene using Allied in Hate Discernment. That unit’s commander must pay five Willpower to remain in charge or step down to become a hero (displacing another special character of her choice if necessary).

The Abyssal’s disembodied presence then suffuses the unit, recalculating its traits for its new leader. Because the Abyssal is not actually present, called shots cannot hit him, nor may he be engaged in a duel or suffer any other dangers of being on the front lines. His projected presence may use Charms like any other unit commander and may communicate through any unit members by distorting their faces and voices with his own likeness to taunt opponents or guide thralls.

While using this Charm, the Abyssal’s own body falls into a coma-like trance. He cannot sense anything other than actual injuries, making him reliant on bodyguards for protection while his attention focuses on the possessed unit. If he ends this Charm voluntarily or the unit’s Magnitude drops below 3, he snaps back to his body and the unit begins disintegrating normally until it gains a new leader.

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