Principle of Motion

Extra Action Spirit Charm

Cost: 5m, 1wp
Min: Essence 3
Type: Simple (Speed 6, DV -2)
Keyword: Obvious
Duration: Indefinite

A spirit may invoke this Charm to gain a number of “banked” actions equal to the spirit’s Willpower. At any later time, on the spirit’s own turn to act, for as long as the spirit retains motes committed to this Charm, the spirit may reflexively use these banked actions to construct a magical flurry following the same guidelines as the Solar Charm charm:peonyblossomattack (see Exalted, p. 191). Such a magical flurry contains a number of actions equal to the banked actions the spirit draws forth, plus one. Banked Principle of Motion actions need not be draw forth all at once. Principle of Motion may not be invoked while motes remain committed to a previous activation of Principle of Motion, and may not be invoked using an action in a flurry Principle of Motion provides.

The magical flurry generated by drawing forth Principle of Motion actions carries a few limitations due to its peculiar nature outside the normal flow of time. This Charm cannot contain Shape Sorcery actions, Shape Necromancy actions, actions requiring long ticks, actions operating on a dramatic timeframe, Extra Action Charms or Combos (though this last limitation applies only to Eclipses and Moonshadows who learn the Charm, as spirits need not use Combos to activate multiple Charms within the same action).

Note that it takes an action to invoke this Charm, and one who uses the Charm may only draw banked actions on his turn to act, so it’s impossible to invoke Principle of Motion and then make a magical flurry immediately—after invoking Principle of Motion to bank actions, the Charm’s user must wait until his next action to draw those actions and construct a magical flurry.

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