Soul-Numbing Prowess

Cost: None (Permanent Charm)
Min: War 5, Essence 4
Type: Permanent
Keyword: Mirror (Legendary Warrior Curriculum; Exalted, p. 198), Obvious
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Hardened Killer Training Style

The most ardent disciples of darkness reap the greatest rewards of service, though these rewards are dubious at best. Unlike its Solar Mirror, this Charm cannot confer bonus dice. Instead, mortals and ghosts may be taught to reject the remaining vestiges of their humanity as an unnatural Compulsion effect (costing trainees no bonus or experience points). These wretched monsters become creatures of darkness, automatically fail all Compassion rolls and cannot form new positive Intimacies. In exchange, they become immune to wound penalties until Incapacitated and automatically succeed on all Valor rolls, giving units of these troops perfect morale. The effects of this unholy conditioning last until the Hardened Killer’s will is broken (Exalted, p. 174).

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