Destiny Sponsorship

Limited Invulnerability

Cost: 10m
Min: Essence 4
Type: Simple
Keyword: Combo-Basic, Obvious
Duration: Indefinite

The spirit has reached an accord with destiny that shields the spirit from most casual troubles. This sacred contract imposes a an external penalty equal to the spirit’s (Essence + Valor) to most rolls which could be opposed by the spirit’s Resistance, Integrity, or Dodge, even if the spirit is unaware of the effect. The spirit also gains soak equal to its (Essence + Valor) against most lethal or bashing damage. The only things that bypass this power are Essence-enhanced effects intended to affect the spirit specifically1 and the machinations of character with a Destiny Background greater than the spirit’s ([Essence + Valor] /2). This Charm has no effect during Calibration.

The Destiny Sponsorship contract involves a number of taboos and restrictions equal to the spirit’s Essence, which she must always observe. Any spirit who fails to observe these taboos loses the effects of this Charm and cannot reactivate it until Calibration.

Any spirit requested to state the conditions of its Destiny Sponsorship in Old Realm must immediately and honestly do so, lest the spirit lose the benefits.

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