Allow a god to manifest by creating a physical body with Essence

Cost: Varies
Min: Essence 3
Type: Simple
Keyword: Obvious
Duration: Varies

With this Charm, a god may become material by spending ([Essence + Willpower] x 5) motes. These motes are not committed, and a materialized spirit may respire Essence normally. A material god may dematerialize as a miscellaneous action at no mote cost. Normally, only gods and demons may learn this Charm.

Elementals, Eclipse Caste Solars, Moonshadow Caste Abyssals and God-Bloods learn a Charm called Dematerialize. With Dematerialize, a naturally material being may become immaterial by spending ([Essence + Willpower] x 5) uncommitted motes. A being under the effect of Dematerialize may become material once again with a miscellaneous action at no mote cost.

Materialize and its counterpart are exceptions to a number of rules and guidelines about spirit Charms. First, only the most unusual of spirits have restrictions on how they can use these Charms. There’s no All-Encompassing Materialize or Dematerialize, because the Charm itself is All-Encompassing in most cases. Second, when an Eclipse or Moonshadow learns De-materialize, his player calculates the cost in motes from the character’s own traits, rather than using a version of the Charm with a mote cost defined by the spiritual tutor’s traits.

The meaning and potential applications of this Charm are highlighted in the “Charm Concept: Material and Immaterial” sidebar below.

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