Unconqured Sun's Favor
Part of Leeayta's Panoplie

This Spirit Charm is a form of "Symbol of Invincible Authority (over Dragon King Warfare)"

  • The Spirit Charm is not part of her nature, and thus classified as Panoplie instead. Being a Panoplie Charm she cannot teach it to Eclipse Castes.
  • It manifests as a faint glow of morning sunlight glints off Leeayta at all times, marking her as a favorite of the Unconquered Sun
  • 10m 1wp, last 1 scene, Obvious: When activated golden glowing runes symbolizing her absolute command over the domain of Dragon King Warfare appear and prominently arrays itself above her like a Banner.
    • While activated she effectively become invincible in relations to her domain. For as long as Dragon Kings are involved, she is impervious to any Poison, Sickness and Crippling effects origination relatively to the Battle. Raw damage inflicted upon her are similarly reduced to 0 before any addition from Charms. This immunity however only extends to effects originating by beings with Essence lower than her own (currently 6), and effects that are directly related to her domain.
    • So if she is in a Battle and a volcano erupted she would not be immune to the damage.
    • Or if she is in Battle and her exertions from the day before started to tax her she is not immune to the effect.
    • Or if she was in Battle between Mortals and Undeads, but no Dragon Kings are participating, then she would not gain the protection of this Charm.
    • Or if during the middle of the Battle she was attacked by an assassin. The subsequent combat is not be part of her domain.
    • But any above mentioned effects that occurred as part of the battle (siege weapon hit her, a combatant used sorcery to turn the battle field into a vat of vitriol, weapon of mass destruction was released) will not work on her.
  • This charm expressly does not protect her Complementary Unit. That is why usually Leeayta fight as a Solo Unit.
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