Splinters of the Void

Cost: 2m
Min: Archery 2, Essence 2
Type: Supplemental
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Mirror (Essence Arrow Attack; Exalted, p. 188), Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: None

The deathknight imbues a ranged attack with the Essence of Oblivion, making every arrow a talon of the Neverborn and every firewand blast a shrieking exhalation of Primordial doom. This Charm adds the Abyssal’s Essence to the raw damage of an Archery-based attack. Learning the Charm also gives the Abyssal one of the following effects. Additional effects cost one experience point for each or one bonus point for two. Abyssals may apply as many known effects to each attack as desired, but each costs two motes to use.

Bloodthirsty Arrow: The necrotic Essence infusing the arrow brings certain death. The archer adds two dice to post-soak damage or reduces the target’s DV against the attack by one, as he chooses. The character can stack these effects by spending additional motes, but cannot increase damage or reduce the target’s DV by an amount greater than his permanent Essence.

Dream-Shattering Spite: The attack unravels the illusions of life and hope. It inflicts aggravated damage to creatures of the Wyld. The attack inflicts normal damage to all other targets.

Hundred Paces Bite: Imbued with necrotic power, the attack disrupts and devours Essence. If the attack hits a being with an Essence pool (regardless of whether it inflicts any damage), the victim loses a number of motes equal to the Abyssal’s Essence rating. Beings with Personal Essence lose motes from this pool first. Abyssals who know Ravening Mouth of Archery absorb the drained motes. Otherwise, the energy simply fades into Oblivion.

Imposition of Agony: The Neverborn suffer without the release of death. An attack blessed with this effect carries a brief taste of this cold torture. If the attack hits an animate target (regardless of whether it inflicts any damage), the victim convulses and falls prone from psychic shock, unless her player successfully rolls to resist knockdown (Exalted, p. 153). If the Abyssal chooses, this effect can also remove all physical damage from the attack, transforming the projectile into a writhing corona of red and black lightning on impact.

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