Inevitability Of Victory, The

Cost: 1m, 1wp
Min: Effective Melee 9 with this Sword1, Essence 5
Type: Supplemental
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Perfect
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Solar only, Eight Direction Orichalcum Palisade, can only be used with Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation

The Solar invokes the insuperable nature of their maker god and releases a single attack that materializes the certainty of inevitability.

While just a simple basic slash from an outsider's point of view, the one actually assaulted sees immeasurable number of blades attacking from every direction. Regardless of how he struggles he cannot break the perfect certainty - this slash will inevitably strike its mark and without error.

This Charm supplements the player’s melee roll with Mecca and is an Perfect Attack, subjected to all standard rules regarding perfect attacks. Such as

  • The Charm can be used to argument attacks including trick shots and stunts
  • The attack is resolved normally, but if the attack would have missed without this Charm, then it hits, calculating its raw damage based on an assumption of 2 Threshold.
    • This differs from the Standard 0 Threshold
  • This Charm does not change the normal rules for valid targets – stabbing the blade through “the gap in his armor” does not allow the Exalted to bypass armor soak, nor does this Charm allow the Exalt to perform impossible deeds.
  • Perfect Attacks can only be defended via Perfect Defenses or a valid Stunt2
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