Tomb Constructed of False Securities

Modified version of the Solar War Charm "Immunity to Armies Approach", Lords of Creation (1st Ed), Pg. 64

Cost: 12m, 1wp
Min: War 5, Essence 6
Type: Reflexive
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Spectral, War
Duration: One Battle
Prerequisites: Glorious Carnage Typhoon

A Fool may think himself safe, arrayed behind the layer shields of the Heavenly Host, but all the armies of existence could not protect them against the inevitable doom of Oblivion. This charm will only function if the Abyssal is a solo unit. She becomes like the evening mist or a dashing phantom. Moving across the battlefield with impossible speed, appearing and disappearing, and seemingly everywhere at once. All those arrayed against her receives no bonuses whatsoever from their troops - effectively fighting without the complementary unit's bonuses and stats. The charm also allow the Abyssal to attack the commander or any other special character she chooses directly, bypassing the enemy unit entirely. Or should she feel like a good old tradition slaughter, attack the mass combat unit normally and slaughter thousands at a time.

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