Touch of Victory

Cost: 10+
Min: Conviction 4, Essence 4
Type: Simple
Keyword: Obvious, Emotion, Touch, Holy, War
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: Be the War God of the FWMC

First Western Mirage can commit anywhere between 10 to up to half her Essence Pool to a sentient being that belongs under her domain. This being can be of enlightened essence, but cannot be below Gods and Exalts in the classification of power. The being enchanted in this matter can now use this Essence Pool freely and wield all First Western Mirage's non-unique Charms for duration of the commitment. This Essence Pool is considered a seperate pool and can only be used on First Western Mirage's Charms.

If he is not already essence aware, he is now considered as such for the duration of the Commitment. Also for the duration he can substitute one of the following traits (Dexterity, Stamina, Charisma, Perception, War, Melee, or Valor) of the Goddess for his own. This substitution is chosen at the beginning of attunement and cannot be changed during.

  • The Charm can be used on any being under her domain
    • being a goddess of war it pretty much means they have to be some sort of combatant
    • being Goddess of FWMC it means anyone that falls into that organization are legal targets.
  • This being must be sentient, but can be Essence Aware
    • But has to be classified lower than Spirits and Exalts
  • The being can invoke First Western Mirage's Charms as if himself is a spirits - e.g. no need to combo
    • In the case of Half-Castes they still cannot use the charm of their parents with spirit charms - since Exalted Charms require combos to use
  • The Essence granted by this Charm can ONLY be used to invoke her Charms.
    • A Solar Half-Caste under the influence of this charm cannot use the essence for Solar Charms
  • The Charms granted this way can ONLY be invoked using the Essence Granted this way

When targeting a Mass Combat Unit, in addition to the above effect on the Commander - she also grants the Complementary Unit the following bonuses by infusing the whole unit with her spirit

  • +1 Might Rating
  • Automatically succeed in all Route Checks
  • Can use her health pool instead of the unit's health pool for magnitude loss calculations
    • Use the higher of the two for number of health levels per magnitude
  • All magnitude losses incurred are considered total losses - as no one will retreat
    • Cannot use rally roll to prevent/regain magnitude loss
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