Excellency: Ultimate Mastery of (Speciality)

Solar Essence 7 Excellency Charm

Cost: 3m, 1wp
Min: (Ability) 6, Essence 7
Type: Reflexive
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Perfect
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: charm:abilityessenceflow

This Charm enhances a specialty tied to an Ability for which the SOlar already undertsands the (Ability) Essence Flow. Her mastery has reached perfection. Any specialty-related action a mortal could accomplish can be performed by the Lawgiver using this Charm: She achieves a Threshold of at least 0 on such actions, no matter what penalties or resisted rolls apply. If an action is extended, this Charm guarantees success on only a single roll. If used as a perfect defense, it carries one of the Four Flaws of Invulnerability (See Exalted, p. 194)

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