Clarification: Knockdown Knockback & Stunned

If an attack inflicts more raw damage than a defender’s (Stamina + Resistance), the force of impact hurls her to the ground unless her player makes a successful reflexive ([Dexterity or Stamina] + [Athletics or Resistance]) roll, difficulty 2. Rising from prone requires an action (See below).

Deliberately tackling someone prompts an immediate knockdown check for both parties if the attack connects. Even if the target’s player makes this roll, the character is stunned (See below).

Sweeping a target with a chain, kick, staff or any appropriate weapon reduces the Accuracy of the attack by -2, but if it hits (whether or not it inflicts damage), the victim must check for knockdown.

As a more cinematic alternative to basic knockdown, a character may be hurled back 1 yard for every 3 dice of raw damage inflicted by the attack, skidding to a halt prone. If she strikes a particularly solid object, this arrests her flight painfully, though she crashes through any fragile objects. In no case does knockback cause extra damage, as it is purely intended to spice up a fight scene.

It is mechanically the same as Knock Down - the character still needs an Misc Action to "Rise from Prone"/Extricate oneself form the rubble, etc. etc.

Rising from Prone (Misc Action, 5/-1)
If a character is knocked to the ground or otherwise loses her footing, she will certainly wish to get up as quickly as possible because she is at -1 external penalty to all non-reflexive physical actions as long as she remains supine. Like readying a weapon, rising is normally an automatic action that succeeds without a roll. Extreme conditions such as trying to stand in the middle of an earthquake or on the pitching deck of a tempest-tossed ship might require a (Dexterity + Athletics) roll, though. Even when rising is automatic, it still factors into multiple action penalties if characters wish to take additional actions as a flurry.

Characters who suffer a greater number of actual health levels of damage than their Stamina rating might find themselves shaken and disoriented from the trauma. Reflexively roll (Stamina + Resistance) at a difficulty of (damage – Stamina). Failure leaves the victim at -2 dice to all non-reflexive rolls until the tick when the attacker next acts.

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