Wyld tainted Claw Strider, first mount to Sulumor then stolen by Ahmed Latif

Claw Striders are one of the deadiest beasts of the south. They are robust creatures that hunt in packs. The average Claw Strider stands about 6 feet tall and up to 20 feet long from snout tip to tail end. The pack hunt by running down and savaging anything that crosses their paths, and they are capable of taking down creatures such as yeddim and even tyrant lizards. Claw striders prefer open plains and savannas. Intelligent enough to be trained, these surly beasts are used by some barbarians as mounts.

Artax was hatched near the end of the flaming desert and was imbued with the element of fire. He is immune to fire and heat. His breath are steamy and hot. The faint glow of embers shine through his belly and the tip of his dorsal scales. And he can breath tiny sprouts of fire - not enough to be used as weapon, but sufficient to set flammable on fire.

While he is on par with the size of a normal claw strider, his hind legs are deformed and too weak weak to run independently. Thus he must gallop on all 4s.

Physical (S/D/Stamina): 8/3/8
Mental (P/I/W/W): 3/1/4 (Willpower 7)
Health: -0(2), -1(2), -2(2), -4(x3), I
Attack: Bite (+2L/2, +0 Acc, +0 Def, Rate 2)
Attack: Claw (+0L, +0 Acc, +0 Def, Rate 2)
Dodge DV: 2
Soak: 6L/11B ( +2L/3B Natural Armor)
Abilities: Athletics 2 (Sprinting +2), Awareness 3 (Sharp Sight +3), Dodge 2, Integrity 2, Investigation 2, Martial Arts 3 (Bite +1, Claw +1), Presence 2 (Intimidation +2), Resistance 2, Stealth 3 (Ambush +3), Survival 3

Artax was originally Sulumor's mount, she was captured from a circus caravan and made into her personal mount. Sulumor was not any kinder to the animal than she is to anyone else and kept Artax in control with barbs and lashing.

Thus it was no difficulty when Ahmed Latif snuck into Sulumor's domain and absconded with Emira Hadassah Ruya I'timad, whom Sulumor was planning to sacrifice to her mistress during the next Calibration.

Ahmed Latif treated Artax much better and while the constant bickering between Ahmed Latif and Emira Hadassah was grating Artax was still happy. Technically claimed by Emira Hadassah as her personal protector, Artax sees more use by Ahmed Latif on a daily basis - and Artax has grown addicted to "Lightning Speed" and "Mokey Leap Technique".

  • Artax is not blind, his eyes are protected by bony plates that can close up to protect it
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