Emissaries of the Bull

Amalgams created by Samea


These are the elite of the Bull of the North's Ranks, most of which have survived the Hagia Sophia War Academy. The lucky few who meet the scrutinizing eye of Samea are imbued via the Imbue Amalgam spell1

Thus far more than a dozen have already been made and are immediately assigned to the key strategic locations of the Bull's empire to provide supernatural support. Yet more than 100 sculpture still await Samea's blessing.

  • Each have Essence 4 and 40 motes
  • All have Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
    • Infalliable Messenger
    • Azure Chariot
  • 8 have Perfect Parry (More Expensive)
  • Rest have Perfect Soak (Samea has Perfect Soak, so it is much cheaper)
  • The War Academy Rector is an Amalgum with Legendary Warrior Training Charm Tree gained from Dace
    • This is done so that training can continue while Dace joins the Southern Invasion Force
      • He graduated from the Training so he is the exact template needed to replicate the curriculum
    • He is Essence 4 and only have 20 motes of Essence and no other charms
    • Cost 91 Motes, made possible by the Experimental Essence Accumulator Karal Fire-Orchid built
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