Q'umarkaj Entangler

A Q'umarkaj Creature/Weapon

The Q'umarkaj version of Gladiator Netting. It is a white shell slightly larger than the size of human hand. The creature is cunning with about the same intelligence as a falcon.

  • Fearless
  • Retracts into its disc like shell when travelling.
  • The disc Can be thrown to a range of 30 meters above water and double that range in water as it can swim on its own
  • +3 Accuracy to the Throw Attack in Water as it can home in on the target
  • The attack cannot be parried without a applicable stunt as it will flail with its many tentacles and envelop the target
    • If the attack is missed it will go after the target on its own with a attack pool of 8 Dice.
    • If more than one it will work as a pack/school and coordinate attacks
  • Once it hits the target it will start to envelope the target - follows commands to Kill or Incapacitate much like an attack dog
    • Has a Clinch Strength Stat of 8 (Total Clinch Pool of 10 Dice)
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