Red Hare

Lu Lu's 3 Dot Ally

Physical (S/D/Stamina): 4/5/4
Mental (P/I/W/W): 4/2/3 (Willpower 3)
Health: -0(0), -1(5), -2(1), I
Attack: Claw (+0L, +2 Acc, +1 Def, Rate 2)
Dodge DV: 4
Soak: 1L/4B (no natural armor)
  • 40% larger than normal Mospids (about 3 feet wingspan)
  • About as Intelligent as a 8 Year Old Child
  • Thunderous Lightning was polluted by the Blood Moonsoon of Lapis and went into a mad rage
    • He was put down by Jalith herself
    • As Familiar he reformed himself in a few days not any worse for wear
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